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Lester Holt Goes Inside America’s Largest Maximum Security Prison | NBC Nightly News

Lester spent three days locked up and embedded in Angola, where he stayed in a cell block reserved for high-risk offenders and spoke with guards and prisoners about what life is like inside the prison.
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Lester Holt Goes Inside America’s Largest Maximum Security Prison | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Liberal Lester playing jail . How brave and bold……without the bold.

  2. totally twisted aj's words..enough said..never believe these people in that box in your living room

  3. Would be nice if NBC would put this episode into one video, or at least have them come up in order on the feed! So stupid to have to hunt for one minute clips!

  4. I have a female friend that is in a woman's prison. She's doing time for lying to the grand jury. Something that we all would have done if you were as scared as she was. Over the last 3 years I have met quite a few very senior citizen life prisoners. Each and every one of them are just nice old ladies not the same people who were sentenced to life. One woman is 89 years old and I would like to know how would she be a threat to society if they granted her freedom. Most sentences are too harsh and these parole boards love acting like they are Kings or gods. They love it. Almost every correctional officer feels the same way about harsh sentences sentences also.

  5. Should have sent matt Lauer…😭

  6. They don't hold a candle to the world class criminals in government.

  7. I'm happy that Holt described mass incarceration as a crisis. Angola would not exist in any other developed country in the world.

  8. u should b a voice just like them Congress women…come on man..stand up for what's right…Allllllll American media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. They placed him in the protective custody wing! Lmaoo

  10. I spent two years at the feds before going to Angola for a year. I was begging the feds to let me do my state sentence in their system.

  11. Holt is so desperate to get it in the butt, he's even giving prison a try!

  12. Since they are using a slave plantation government might as well cut the slave ancestors check I am black and you are us in ng my ancestors situations . Cut the check well fuckit I owe you and what I owe you will show up .

  13. whats NOT being told: The vast MAJORTY of those doing hard time are weed dealers.. ya know the SAME thing WHITE BOYS are becoming Millionaires from

  14. Slavery never ended… it was transferred from local white slavers to the gov..

  15. wow lester stop criticizing murderers' imprisonment. they cant bring back the dead so no rehab can undo their injustice

  16. Imagine being sentenced to prison for life and you didn’t commit the crime this is America😠

  17. Lester, your the best at what you do. It takes courage to tell the stories.

    We all need hope, we need reform, we all need each other.

  18. You should of brought the rest of ur colleagues an they should of keep yous there for the next 50

  19. Excellent story "Lester Holt" i appreciate this story it will help alot of young people see things differently.

  20. Didn't Chuck Berry spend time in that prison?

  21. Was hoping to see what table Lester was going to sit at in the chow hall.

  22. Former slave plantation……full of blacks……hmm


  23. Full broadcast needs posted. If you care about American civilization.

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