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Lester Holt Reflects On A Presidential Inauguration Like No Other | NBC Nightly News

Lester Holt reflects on an Inauguration Day like no other — held during a pandemic and with heightened security after the Capitol riot. Plus, the challenges facing our nation.
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Lester Holt Reflects On A Presidential Inauguration Like No Other | NBC Nightly News


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  1. the, the
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  2. Congratulations! Biden and Harris's team represents the US diverse social and racial mix.

    The world is ready to move on from Traitor Trump's negative stagnation.

    The world is a lot safer without American bombs and bullets.

  3. Democracy has prevailed – Biden.

    Anti-Chinese, anti-Islam, homophobic democracy doesn't exist.

    Pinky colonists bastardised the Iroquois Nation's Great Law of Peace to serve their racist bias.

    End the US-China trade war and enjoy China's 5G and all the advances that come with it.

  4. The First Lady is amazing

  5. 4 thousand people died today Biden is worse than Trump!

  6. wow your tongues are already caked and brown, Biden is going to have the cleanest colon by the time your all done

  7. President Biden has worked so hard today and already held a press briefing set a mask mandate i am impressed at the LEADERSHIP I see….true Patriots will follow their Commander in Chief.

  8. Bad riddance to Traitor tRUMP. Now is the time for him to consider the traditional Japanese method of resolving huge public disgrace.

  9. I dont know what kind of president Mr. Biden will be but this country needed a change.

  10. Guns do not make us strong, commitments to each other do. No brag. Just fact.

  11. Pretty funny when motorcade with biden when all military turned there backs ha ha

  12. 25k bodyguards for “free and fair elections” huzaaah lmao what a sham

  13. Poet stole the show. The battered feelings of the candidates were halted in their release. The form they now fit ,is a rigid freedom. When the poets soul soared from all tragedies to new .heights. Wings of words mounted on the spirit within ,turn down and away that which doesn’t uplift us.

  14. Trump was missing but wasn't missed.

  15. "Joe looked awesome wearing his propeller beanie cap", Lester Holt.

  16. Everyone of the 80,000,000 Americans who Voted for President Trump should show support to JB and send a bag of depends to the White House – stand and unite behind the old man – “Come-On Man”

  17. God bless Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and God bless America…from South Africa 😇🙏🏻💖🇿🇦🍀🐞🍄🦄

  18. Proud to be an American🇺🇸

  19. Joe, Nancy; please let Merrick and Letitia prosecute first 'cause Chuck can't reverse the effects of mercury poisoning and inbreeding suffered by the opposition in his chamber.

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