Monday , August 2 2021
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Lester Holt Reflects On The Biden-Putin Summit

As the world watched the handshake between President Biden and Russian President Putin, many wondered if the two leaders could or would reach an understanding. The lasting impact of their summit will be examined from all angles, with hopes that it is more than just a photo op.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Lester Holt Reflects On The Biden-Putin Summit


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  1. Trigger Erdoğan invasion of Syria that there was such a conflict between USA and Russia and the Eu Nato

  2. We love our president Putin! Proud of him! He looked powerful and smart! 🇷🇺❤️

  3. Figures, after the "meeting" dims all high-fiving each other like "we got dis" and instead they accomplished nothing except give Russia more of what they wanted. Dims are too stupid to realize what really happened! Stellar job joe, President Putin ate your lunch and you didn't even notice it.

  4. Biden says he remembers telling putin 10 years ago.

    This is the same man who think he was running against George Bush in the last election

  5. Yes indeed! It is with hope that we view the event as a needed gesture of diplomacy between Pres. Biden & Pres. Putin, & it is my hope that media, & anyone, make a conscious effort to pause & withhold judgement & cynical views, & instead, realize the tedious, heavy task & serious responsibility of leadership as humanity faces the challenges of life's complexity in a changing world. Humanity needs compassion & cooperation. Humanity must pray for GODLY WISDOM to guide these two men! 😇

  6. Utter hypocrisy at Biden Putin Summit.
    Navalny: 2 year sentence.
    Assange: 175 year sentence, deprived of his liberty for 11 years to date, for publishing #Guantanamo, CIA rendition, Iraq.
    Biden cannot overcome this grotesque reality, but he can end it before Julian dies.

  7. Putin and Biden could not agree on who will be nbr.2 and nbr.3 between themselves…

    meanwhile, today China launched successfully its Shenzhou 12 rocket with 3 astronauts, to its own space station, to be completed in 2022

    In 2011, the US banned China from the ISS, so China put away making dumplings, and started building its own space station…now the ISS will be decommissioned in 2024….guess who will rule space till they get one up again..??

    much lik, when Huawei was denied access to Android and Google, it just went to work, developed its own Harmony OS, which is better..just released last June 14…now US is not needed, and has even a superior competitor..sometimes you get what you ask for…like the trade wars..

    the more you belittle the yellow guy, the more motivated it gets to prove itself smarter, better and richer than the white guy, that's why it so butthurts.

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    Is it logical to pray five times a day, asking Allah and his angels to pray over his dead prophet, who is waiting for Resurrection? 😂

  9. Who is the bigger bluffmaster?

  10. Let’s wait and see what happens lol 😂My execution date has been pushed back now so that’s good I guess, for now.

  11. No country, big or small, has the right to bully others

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  13. America won again. Even after Biden said something very pathetic. 😅

  14. putin shaking a real man hands rather than the T-rex 45th.

  15. Well, with a weak push over President, there's no doubt this signals to the world that the U.S can no longer maintain it's power. The American Century is over, self suicide.

  16. No Putin visit to W.H in near future possible next summit in October at UN assembly.

  17. No Biden reset with Russia if Putin not accept US conditions

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