‘Let’s be serious’: E.U.’s top diplomat responds to Trump’s NATO remarks

The European Union’s High Representative Josep Borrell said “NATO cannot be an a la carte military alliance,” after Donald Trump suggested the U.S. might not protect NATO allies who do not spend enough on their own defense.

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  1. Just pay your dues, little boy 🙂

  2. These people can't stand the truth .

  3. Gone are the days when America was a world power and could afford to give aid to European countries especially when they spend less than 2% of their GDP on armaments so i am with Trump all the way. Trump 2024

  4. No taxation without representation. Borrell is not our ruler.

  5. Bro, can you spare a million bucks?

  6. Pay up or don't expect America to send their young men to die for you!

  7. If we don't want to depend on anyone we should have an Iron dome like Israel . Europe is made up of many countries why we don't invest in this system.

  8. Make America wil alone MAGA😂

  9. Obama did a terrible job with the Ukraine coup and putting Zelensky in.

  10. He who pays the piper calls the tune

  11. All NATO countries in Europe should have politicians who understand as a minimum that Europe has been at war in Ukraine since 20 February 2014 – which is in a few days 10 years. That knowledge should automatically trigger increased security investment with more than the recommended 2% of GDP in all NATO countries in Europe, as responsible geopolitical measure preventing further war escalation outside of Ukraine. Greetings from NATO member Croatia

  12. Yes, Trump is a 77-year-old child. Let's be serious.

  13. Pay your way!! Bunch of whiney freeloaders expecting the American taxpayer to pick up the bill EVERY TIME.

  14. In Western society, politicians regularly scare their population with the Russian threat, distracting attention from internal problems.

  15. Stoltenberg lives in never never land, his brain has never grown up.