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Lewandowski: I like to call Trump the ‘blue-collar billionaire’

Former Trump Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski on the strength of the Trump economy and possibly testifying in front of the House Judiciary.

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  1. Quit misinforming USA fox.

  2. What good has Trump actually done for the American people? Aside for the incarceration reform that is…tax cuts was a flop, border wall a waste of money that Mexico did not pay for, drugs prices are still going up, stores are still closing down, jobs are still leaving US…can someone educate me? Also please provide resources, Fox News & CNN should never be used as resources they're both biased.

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  5. I would almost pay to see Trump try to perform physical labor for an entire day for an honest dollar. I dont think that man has ever held a rake, shovel, hammer, wrench, broom, mop, sponge, in his entire life. Rake the Forest 2020!

  6. These guys are both very misleading. I havent seen wages increase. And i dont think trump is a billionaire

  7. Bluer collar? the man has never worked a single day of his life he has since birth had it all handed to him and he's blue-collar???????

  8. A rising tide raises all boats,.. except when the yachts riding high are behind the dam and won't let the flood gates open.
    p.s. them telling you are doing better is no comparison to simply checking your bottom line,..ask yourself honestly if your any better off than 2 years ago, I doubt many could honestly say yes by any large margin.

  9. Cory is awesome! Go get into Senate.

  10. It's like picking getting shot in the head or burnt alive. Either way sucks but I guess I will take the bullet so I will vote for him instead of the other scenario.

  11. I've always liked Corey Lewandowski. If he runs for the senate, I hope he wins.

  12. Senator Lewandowski sounds real good to me!

  13. 🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸

  14. Reminds me of my x. She'd beg, "Please come over!" I'd say, "We fight, argue, I don't like you, you don't like me. So, Why?" She'd beg "You're the only one who makes me …. (You can fill in the blank). I need you!"😋

  15. Corey Lewandowski comes across as a bit of a puppet though. Give benefit of doubt?

  16. I'm a big fan of Pres Trump and Corey Lewandowski. 😘😘😘😘😃👍👍👍👍

  17. Jerry Nadler is delusional ,he has totally lost the plot. Go Corey Lewendowski

  18. That’s actually pretty accurate. He’s the first politician in a long time to enter government poorer than when he started.

  19. Lewandowski for Senator!

  20. Who thought lewandowski the bayern player…and was interested

  21. So what? I love him as President of U.S.A.

  22. Ass….m
    Amorican adosoban bekoti borgora ready thakun .

  23. Trump represents normal people, who aren't blathering on about open borders, voting rights for those fine folks in prison, elimination of the 1st amendment and all manner of other nonsense.

  24. He is also our only chace to keep freedom of speech religion and the right to bear arms

  25. He’s very right. This is our only chance cause the choice of the left is a desaster. Voting demon democrats will be loosing everything, freedom, liberty, freedom of speech, private properties and your money and we will be tax tax tax, voting republican will be nothing to loose. It is so clear.

  26. "TRUMP TIME", we can vote for losers, or we can vote for A WINNER…LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD…UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL, he loves America!!l



  29. It's Sad that Trump supporters DO NOT know the difference between good soil and bull droppings.

  30. I feel that Trump should bring up the open fact that what people got by voting in a democrat house… Zilch.. Zero… Just waste of house time on wild goose chases and costly witch hunts..

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