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Lewandowski says Trump won't let anything interfere with election integrity

Senior Trump advisor Corey Lewandowski talks to FOX Business’ Elizabeth MacDonald about President Trump saying he will be suing Nevada to block universal mail-in voting. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Really??? Spanky Bonespurs says that mail-in voting (which his ENTIRE family does) is rigged and against the law AND is encouraging his voters to commit felony voter fraud by voting twice is the way to go this year??? What the HELL is the flavor of that Koolaid??

  2. Yes I am with Trump I agree Maria Elizabeth’s

  3. The Full on Fox Propaganda Machine is in gear now. Trump and Little Trumps demonstrate an 8th grade school yard mentality. Pathetic. I am a Republican and I'm voting for Biden.

  4. This is the Big 5 point Plan..

    The Democrats hope to persuade the American people to change party using, 1 violent riots, 2 murders, 3 media, 4 mail-in voting, and 5 the virus as weapons against the President and when it gets too bad the people will accept any change.

    Joe Biden will drop out Harris will be the nominee and incomes Hillary as VP then if Harris wins she will drop out and Hillary becomes President! You have been warned!!!

  5. The USPS can't handle the mail without error as it is today let alone cobble together a system to process 200million+ ballots in such a short time and you lunatics want to trust it with the most important election of our lifetimes?

    We have proof mail in voting has been susceptible to fraud. Even Jerry Nadler has admitted it, its not a secret. Both democrats and Republicans have been caught committing mail in ballot fraud for smaller elections.

    If you believe in your masks and social distancing, it'll work perfectly find at the ballot box otherwise you wouldn't push it so aggressively.

    If you have REAL problems keeping you from voting in person we have a system for you. Othersie get that ID ready because you'll need it.

  6. Check out "Meidas Touch" video this will open eyes on the devotion Trump will continue sharing with 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. This beautiful black girl came to my door and requested my censor because I didn’t get it again..she used a temperature reading device scanned it and validated his. Also make available thumb prints

  8. Did anyone hear Trump say you won't see me for awhile

  9. Trump u r the BEST !!! STAY STRONG !! 2020 AND HOPEFULLY MORE !!!

  10. Republicans must be nervous look at all these Trump lover post trying to cover up and muddy the water. The End Is Near, distruction of republican party by DJTrump

  11. Why don't we just pick up our ballots from one of those lottery ticket machines that sit at Walmart?

  12. Improper mail-in voting should have a law that if broken/fraud be subject to a 10 years prison sentence.

  13. Trump and integrity are two words you dont see in the same sentence often. It is sad you let the virus spread over the country just before the election and then complain about mail in voting. Should have done a better job with covid

  14. yeah they couldn't use the false narrative of the Russian collusion bulshit to get the president out of office now they're trying to cheat with mail-in ballots

  15. When our US Gubberment set in place, their Operation Diversity – in the mid ‘80s.
    Hires and Promotions were Highly based on Diversity.
    Not Best Qualified, Competent or Knowledgeable. Many of those promoted couldn’t even read, but did have a GED.

  16. Vote voter I.D. so your vote will be counted and not cheated by mail in Ballots. When will the B.S. from the Democratic Party ever end?

  17. Jesus says in John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."

  18. To stop eviction to force hard working taxpayers landlords to pay mortgage , increases property taxes and insurance without rent income. To criticize people to put on mask to prevent Wuhan virus . All the real estate professionals, medical professional and hardworking educated professionals are going to vote against him on 2020

  19. NO MAIL IN VOTING! It's a Democratic corruption tool.

  20. vote illegally, no path to citizenship? subversion should never be a path to citizenship, just a quick trip home.


  22. Would Trump be claiming election fraud if he thought he was going to win? LOL

  23. Too many ways to commit fraud in this election unless voter ID supported by both sides!

  24. Yeah, Putin's Choice also said he was going to sue all those women who accused him of sexual assault in 2016, but he didn't do it.

  25. Voter Supression is the only way Republicans stay in power. What a shame to democracy.

  26. Thats exactley what Democrats do total crooks

  27. Nevada knew they are going to lose so they want mail-in voting.

  28. U mean Russia, n. Korea or his china BFF s

  29. Ha ha ha, Trump and integrity??? Those are two words that should never be in the same sentence 🤣

  30. Common sense folks . Voter integrity in a highly dangerous election. Let's do it right . F Democrats

  31. I'm a republican and I'm voting for Biden. Do we have to watch another 100,000 Americans die from Trump malfeasance?


  33. He just wants it to be fair period

  34. This sounds like total crap.

  35. The U.S Post office is a joke!

  36. Conceding defeat already!It’s coming…..get ready! No excuses

  37. They will end up sending 10 ballots out to the same person. Quite often the old addresses still show up after a person moves. That means their name is listed as currently living at 10 different addresses.

    They should walk those ballots to the nearest voting station. As soon as an address is voted at ( plus apt number/letter) ,the address should be disqualified from further voting. They could accomplish that with today's technology.

  38. Mail-in ballots…NO
    Absentee ballots…👍

  39. This November, the American people will go postal on Trump.

  40. Trump, Pence, 2020 to 2024.

  41. Voting "absentee ballot" – by mail is OK per President Trump and has already been done before. The OTHER vote by mail method Democrats are hoping for – has no checks against voter fraud.

  42. Everyone was been going to get food and other stuff. They can go and vote in person. On if an butt's about it!

  43. Of course everyone knows how important Integrity is to Donald Trump. When I think of him that's the first word that comes to mind. He's afraid he'll lose that's all this is about.

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