Friday , January 21 2022
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'Life-threatening' Hurricane Dorian hits the Bahamas

The National Hurricane Center has warned people of “life-threatening storm surge.”


The National Hurricane Center said the storm, with wind gusts exceeding 200 mph, had rolled to within 205 miles east of West Palm Beach, Florida, as of 11 a.m. and was heading west at about 7 mph. The storm was expected to turn north, and it remained unclear where landfall might occur.

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  1. I sure would hate to see that same place now. Hopefully that wasn't the area where the worst part stayed.

  2. Ураганам имена дают! Вот дебилы.

  3. What about the animals? Hope they are safe!

  4. God bless you Bahamas…pray from Pakistan

  5. Where do i sign up to buy beach front property now?

  6. The webcam near marsh harbour doesn t function anymore since Sunday. We can imagine how the winds are violent…….

  7. I live in the Bahamas as a fisherman but these government officials are dumb and stubborn. Category 5 hurricane and you don't evacuate the island,common sense is not common. May the most high god, have grace and mercy on those who have died and those who are in need SHALAWAM. 💯💯🇧🇸🇧🇸

  8. The hurricane is gonna sit there for awhile for like two days I think

  9. George Bush doesn't care about black people.

  10. And how did the dophins being caged up survive this storm? #Emptythetanks

  11. What an idiot to not take this serious….I pray for the people

  12. If it crossed the state…of Florida…do I win? I called last call for alcohol…bahamas…2 days ago.

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  14. I pray no one got swept away from this monster storm be careful out there

  15. I’m not really nervous how it’s coming to me because I survived Cathrine and Sandy and they were worse..

  16. I had to thumb this down cause I've had to live through a couple of these in the past.. They're ok to watch from miles away

  17. The Bahama's are getting erased with this storm. I mean think about a 23 ft water surge. A 2 story building would be under water. Folks loading up on gas? OK fill your tank, but where ya gonna go if you stay? Things folk should stock up on is ice and kitty litter. You can make a candle with water, veggie oil and a string, plus it's safer. Fill your tub with water and plug it good. Fill jugs with water and get a percolator for coffee. It doesn't look like Florida going to get smacked, but you never know. And flying coconuts are like canon balls.

  18. Well I guess that will happen in Florida

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