Wednesday , August 10 2022

Lightning strikes near the White House

At least four people have been hospitalized with “life-threatening” injuries after they were apparently hit by lightning in Lafayette Park. ABC News’ Andrew Dymburt reports.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. The Brandon administration CURSE continues… The GODS know what a crap show Sleepy Joe and Kamala are…

  2. ET got his cable cancelled

  3. This never would have happened if Trump was still president

  4. That's crazy and sad when I heard about a few hours ago

  5. An electric car would have been charged in seconds with that bolt!

  6. That's what i called instant karma

  7. Under ground bunker. Metal shell attracts lightning.

  8. Sooner than later God will cut you down.

  9. There's some spooky stuff going on with the White House man, and the lightning is white too!

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  11. Even God hates the Biden Administration .

    And we need to ask where was Hillary Clinton during this lightning strike? Satan works in mysterious ways!

  12. They need to start using the forests in cali for lumber before they burn down…

  13. You are worried about the CIA the FBI the KGB the massage MI6 when you should be worried about God because God has a hit list and he doesn't need bullets to get you a lot of you are on The Hit List the United States has assassinated many people all over the world and the name of American interest now I've got news for you the lesbians the gays the Democrats the Liberals the progressives the haters of God the atheist the agnostics the New World Order you're on God's hit list he's coming after you and he's going to use the lightning bolt to let you know who's in charge

  14. White house home of wonder women got struck 🌩⚡️🦸‍♀️🇺🇲🏛

  15. A warning from up there so we are looking forward to have our best President Trump returns at the white house 2024. Can't wait.

  16. This is a sign. A sign that thunderstorms produce lightning. All of you weirdos in the comments, acting like you live in the dark ages and just stepped out of your little hut to shun the demons who make fire and dance. Lol. 2022. My gosh. I love it.

  17. Even God is trying to get rid of Brandon.

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  19. In Obama birthday
    Obama antichrist
    baraq: lightning
    Original Word: בָּרָק

  20. The Whitehouse immediately released a statement condemning the Republicans for their actions in the lightning strike. Also they hinted at legislation banning lightning in the upcoming months.