Thursday , October 29 2020
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Lindsey Gets Approval for Weight-Loss Surgery! | My 600-lb Life

Lindsey gets good news from Dr. Now about her surgery eligibility.

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  1. he was like i was stock piling lol i like that

  2. They're eating a plain unseasoned patty?

  3. Aqui no 🇧🇷 e uma penitência pra fazer uma bariátrica demora muito tempo.

  4. "It was dark today until the sun came out" , Referring to her call to him….Oh PLUEEZEE!!!!Such a manipulator!!!

  5. It’s so weird. They all speak with the same flat intonation no matter what they’re talking about, like they’ve all been sedated and are cold reading from a script.

  6. omg dr nows stethoscope is bedazzled 6:03 🤣🤣🤣

  7. GREASE AND FREEDOM?? Was that really her accessment??

  8. I like her! I wish her well!

  9. Does every obese person own a see-thru shower curtain?

  10. She lost so much weight only within 3 months

  11. Im happy for you 😀👍🙏

  12. “i don’t need to drink it, i just need to have it around”.

    that is how an alcoholic speaks. seems like she’s the only one willing to address addictions in this relationship.

  13. Why didn't the guy take out cash to purchase the thirty packs?

  14. Why can’t all the rest be like her? All I’ve heard was boo Ho o. She’s my hero! She is awesome! I’m happy for her!

  15. Just ask him to show the stockpile then. If he shows it leave him alone. If he doesn’t realize he’s most likely an alcoholic. Drinking a ton AND lying about it is a major sign of alcoholism. And someone doesn’t have to drink everyday to be an alcoholic. But she is the same in a way she is an alcoholic with food it’s all the same shit believe me all these super obese people are addicts no different from a heroin addict or alcoholic or a sex addict gambling addict I was a drug addict but since I got clean three years ago I’m definitely addicted to sugar and actually get withdrawals from sugar no bullshit I’ve been cutting back to cut completely out I stopped eating meat months ago and am working on cutting sugar out but I’m an addict I was a sugar addict as a kid I work out all the time so luckily I’m not overweight from it at all when you have it in your genes in most cases you are prone to addiction to whatever one of those vices I mentioned. I’ll add this though none of that makes someone a bad person. Although during active addiction we can be disgusting humans but it’s the addiction not us at that point. At this point after this long as far as I’ve come if I got High again however and started that cycle all over again it would be my choice to do so I believe my addiction towards the end was crystal meth I have no veins left started with pain pills like most also had adderall and Ritalin prescribed from 8th grade on though and I feel that had a part for sure but also struggled with Cocaine and Crack for many of the earlier years until I found meth which was the most addictive of all by far real meth that is 90 percent of street meth these days isn’t really meth anymore and it sucks it’s all research chemicals n iso and msm and god knows what else and maybe less than 5 percent actual meth just enough so it shows up as meth still on a drug test and can be sold as meth and it looks like good high quality big crystals of meth can’t tell the difference at all looking at it I’m happy all the meth is fake though because all the new shit isn’t even enjoyable or addictive at all compared to actual meth. It was a blessing for me though. And lastly this girl seems to be doing good and taking this seriously so props to her very good job lady!!

  16. i feel like the guy is cheating 😐

  17. She's doing Leslie Sansone, Walk Away the Pounds on TV. Leslie's great!

  18. So proud of her , she really wants it

  19. Our world is corrupted with big food companies by advertising…so that's why kids need tough love to educate what real life is..and how doing this doing that at early age will affect their future self.

  20. Her voice is so deep and boring sounding

  21. Irene is such a Good friend 🥺❤️ they way she supports her and doesn’t complain when she goes to use the Tv to work out is so amazin ALSO the “I hope dr now is proud of me” she’s so wholesome”

  22. Was this the person who's husband moved in a roommate without telling her ? More of a red flag than the alcohol

  23. She needs to drop his ass like a hot potato and concentrate on herself because he the very last distraction she needs or wants

  24. I have a sign on my refrigerated says do you really need it which I read every time I feel like cheating on my diet

  25. It’s an incredible feeling for her to get approved for weight loss surgery. Really it’s better for her to live a healthy and happy life.

  26. Eu sou o comentário brasileiro q vc estava procurando rs 👊

  27. she needs to get rid of him

  28. Yes she did call him out good for her

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