Lithium-ion battery fires becoming increasingly common

Lithium-ion battery fires are becoming more common across the nation. In New York City alone, this type of battery failure sparked more than 200 fires, injured 147 people and killed six last year. NBC News’ Vicky Nguyen has more details on the causes.

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  1. there are also tons of fires from these batteries on sailboats that use solar, or convert to electric drive from engines.

  2. One of my GREATEST PET PEEVES is listening to them BEG for us to download there app at the end of these news stories…. Certainly if someone wants to do that they don’t need to here him whining as if that makes it more official

  3. Terrorists. They're why we are still stuck with crummy technology like Lithium because everything else makes even far worse explosions, although far more efficient.

  4. Our made in china batteries will fail and make every device useless.

  5. Don’t over charge the batteries.

  6. This is the reason i decided to buy a $3,000 dual shock MTB over a $4,000 eMTB

  7. Destroy a actual house just to test something when there's so many homeless people. 🥲

  8. There was a scientist that was awarded an award for discovering Thermal Runaway in Lithium Ion Batteries, it causes fires at any times because the battery ions of the lithium battery create and very fine film that adheres to all the components in the battery and at any time it can overheat and cause that buildup to explode into a fire. You can't clean it off or check to see if it is building up. The problem is the housing of the batteries are too thin and they do no contain the fire and just letting the batteries themselves burn out, but they burn everything flammable in sight. Manufacturers will not go to the extra cost of making thicker housing to house the batteries, because they will catch fire at some point.

  9. It’s worse for the Environment but brain dead Democrats don’t understand

  10. It's those lazy children miners they use, somebody needs to keep an eye on them.

  11. Never believe a government funded or a company getting kick back operated company,you know dam well they have there hands in the cookie jar.Don’t worry the more technology that goes into a battery basically becomes a nuclear bomb!!!

  12. This is just a new way for arsonist to start fires for their own gain.

  13. Electric vehicles and solar panels are a scam b/c they run on batteries. And batteries are a Non Renewable resource.

  14. And they want people to buy electric cars and feel them with loved ones , lord have mercy

  15. Screw all those slaves who died in pits to produce the batteries, we've got to worry about these nice white people who park their scooters in the living room.

  16. These stories keep happening re ebikes, scooters boards, usually in houses. Dangerous and scary.

  17. What worries me is the cars with children in the back seat in their child seats as you saw just how fast that scooter went with a tiny battery.

  18. The mining of these metals is more damaging to the environment that fossil fuels could ever be

  19. Lithium burns in water…. maybe use something that doesn't contain water to put out the fire.

  20. but the good news is you will save on gas.

  21. Everything nowadays uses them. Never had a problem.

  22. I was shocked to see the power of the explosion, glad the news is finally shedding some light on this issue

  23. All these electric cars, I will never buy one

  24. stat x fire suppression tech will put these fires out.