Little master Gavaskar dominates Aussies. Again. | From the Vault

Another dominate display from the great Sunil Gavaskar as he hits his highest Test score against Australia; 172 in the third Test of the 1985/1986 series.

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  1. His test record against Australia

    12 innings
    630 runs
    52.50 avg
    3 100s and 3 50s

    19 innings
    920 runs
    51.11 avg
    5 100s and 1 50

    31 innings
    1550 runs
    51.66 avg
    8 100s and 4 50s

    An absolute legend

  2. Upload Gavasker ODI ton🎉

  3. Sunil gavaskar was the great batsman

  4. Classy touch … surgical precision … when batting was an Art ..

  5. Little Master's Batting was 🔥

  6. The Original Master. This IPL generation has no idea who this man was or how he played!

  7. Can watch the master bat all day long. Feel very unlucky for never seeing him play live 😕

  8. జై బాలయ్య బాబు

  9. Little master – Sunil Gavaskar
    Master Blaster- Sachin Tendulkar

  10. Yepeeee Sir you are great