Saturday , May 15 2021
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Live: CDC Director, Dr. Fauci Testify At House Hearing On Covid Pandemic | NBC News

CDC Director Walensky, Dr. Fauci and HHS Chief Science Officer for Covid Response David Kessler testify at a House Select subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis hearing on safely ending the pandemic.

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Live: CDC Director, Dr. Fauci Testify At House Hearing On Covid Pandemic | NBC News


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  1. lying number made up numbers, f liars

  2. fauci is not god ,liar ,waters devil woman

  3. It's sad to see how some people are so selfish that it prevents them from seeing the big picture… especially when they are in the governmental structure.

  4. perhaps long haulers would benefit from a good/healthy detox

  5. Fauci is a horrific career criminal. The fallout of these vakseens in going to be a global catastrophe.The world will see this very soon.
    "You cannot tell the people; you must show them" ~Q
    The world is about to see who they should have trusted….or not.
    We'll wait. It's time.

  6. Dr Kessler gives me a nazi vibe.

  7. What’s up with all the black reps and chairman’s expressing love toward Dr Fauci. Don’t they know that blacks/Mexicans/minorities are some of the most affected by Covid-19 & have the most casualties!

  8. The guy representing OHIO is invited to my family bbq’s any time.

    He actually cares about us getting back to our normal life’s. Calls them out on their bs. Giving them facts and asking questions on those facts and they choose to ignore his questions.

  9. The virus is not political or racist. The democrats and their hacks are.

  10. The new variances are from the vaccinations!

  11. The cdc has told you there’s not any more deaths in 2019 to 2020 ! Supposedly in the middle of a pandemic!!!!!
    There shot are killing more people then the virus it self!!!!!

  12. Rules for the… NOT FOR ME!!!!!

  13. Covid ends when the pitchforks come out.
    Today's pitch work is an AK-47

  14. How come in Pakistan and in Bangladesh they get to congregate in the holy month of Ramadan in tens of thousands sitting around and having a meal.
    There is no surge there and by the way my previous comment was removed by YouTube .what a piece of crap this YouTube is

    The PCR test does NOT test for viruses!!!!!!!!!
    Hearing on "Ending Pandemic"??? LMAO That's right, the fake planedemic was created by the globalists to control and destroy our lives, now the United States is deciding to end it or not. This dog and pony show proves it was all made up! They made a big deal out of a flu that is a normal part of life and lied calling it a pandemic. They destroyed most people's lives who are not wealthy, and now they are "deciding" to end it? You can't just decide to end a real pandemic. In a real pandemic everyone would be dropping dead and we all would be seeing it. This is a gigantic crime against humanity.

  16. Jim Jordan cares about himself and his talking points. Not what is best for America. He looks more like a toddler throwing a fit than a member of Congress if you ask me.

  17. I tha k the gentleman in the back for that ummm tirade

  18. Miller – Meeks doesn't even know how to properly wear a mask. It isn't a political statement, it's just plain stupidity.

  19. its worst ever situation came covid is most dangours pandemic.

  20. Trim your videos, its not that hard

  21. Maxine Waters 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Fauci saved millions of lives?!?!?! Remember when he LIED about mask wearing? Masks don’t work either btw. He was right the FIRST time.

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