Sunday , January 24 2021
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Live: Demonstrators Gather to Commemorate Juneteenth With Marches, Rallies | NBC News

Watch live coverage as demonstrators gather in different locations across the country to commemorate Juneteenth with marches and rallies.
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Live: Demonstrators Gather to Commemorate Juneteenth With Marches, Rallies | NBC News


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  1. This whole pandemic is a joke

  2. Social distance is distancing yeah this is a joke

  3. America this is your invitation to the Midnight Drop Prayer Line: God is doing great things while on this amazing prayer line and at Midnight God has been dropping wonderful miracles!!! You don't want to miss out take the time and make the call! 1-605 -472-5300 Acess Code# 535199 11pm Eastern time zone… It's worth your time and effort!!! You won't be disappointed The Lord Jesus Christ's spirit is evident each and every night!!! This was supposed to be for one week but has now gone on for over two months now!!! This is every single night… Please don't forget to mute your phones to eliminate background noise… Thank you! and God bless you! This is your time and moment in the spotlight of God himself shining the light of His Love upon your souls… Miracles, Signs, and Wonders are taking place Now!!!! There has been a cosmic shifting upon the earth and God is involved with shaping and transforming a better future for you and darkness will not win, You win! Your family wins! The Human race wins! We win! Trust God Hope in God!!! For the winning is indeed yours today!!! See you on, The Midnight Drop… You don't want to miss tonight!!! ON NOW… DEALING WITH THE MIND THIS WEEK if you are calling in internally you can download text now app and call in live

  4. Yeah it's all Trump's fault that the virus has returned…

  5. these helicopter pilots must be so bored

  6. light high jacked yo protest, u sounds like black complaining now 30+ years of complaining about money


  8. I don't even want to hear there BS.. About Rallys…

  9. The US needs to be rewritten.

  10. lol, remember that. Without reparations we still aren't free. Appalling that these people feel they deserve what their ancestors were promised, like they went through anything similar. NBC and the rest of the alphabet media want a race war so bad. Just for ratings too.

  11. what does this have to do with the abolishment of slavery

  12. you get reperation – if you go back to where you came from !

  13. if u want to celebrate your black culture -ur great grand parents – go back to africa – and celebrate your origin !

  14. SO BLACK ON BLACK murder is considered WHAT???? Its anger fear and hate. No such thing as racism. Why do Africans and latinos and Asians still keep coming to America if its so dangerous and racist. When a white man kills a white man ,ITS WHAT??? When a black cop kills a white man , its what???? When a black cop kills a black man , its WHAT???? No such thing as racism.

  15. THIS is all ok,been going on for WEEKS now,young people,not many masks NO attempt to shut it down we know covid will rise from it,yet insanity due to a trump rally? dont get it does covid play favorites?

  16. Why would the enslaved black prople choose CHRISTIANITY for a so-called religion, especially after Nat Turner? Was it because of more durest? Yes! So in other words they never CHOSE it but it was further forced on them again; by threats on their lives.

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