Sunday , January 17 2021
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Live: Georgia Senate Runoff Debates | NBC News

The Atlanta Press Club hosts two Georgia Senate special election runoff debates on Sunday, December 6. Republican incumbent David Perdue has declined to participate, but the event will proceed with Democrat challenger Jon Ossoff at 5pm ET. Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler and Democrat challenger Raphael Warnock will face off in a second debate 7pm ET.

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Live: Georgia Senate Runoff Debates | NBC News


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  1. She says the same things over and over again.

  2. Sad that the Republican party is become, yes, radical. When Trump has a COVID plan that isn't socialism. Or more then that, Tariffs are 100% central planned economy. And Trump loves to make threats of Tariffs. I guess on the Dem side though I really don't agree to compare our climate crisis with covid-19. Ossoff mentions Hurricanes but people have always been advised not to have a home right near the ocean because major Hurricanes are a concern. Some ignored it or there was lull in the Mid 20th century of major hurricanes. Most people are not threatened by the climate at all. And the irony is those who are tend to be the well to do who want to leave near the ocean. Cities are heat islands. Focus on pollution that is legit. In the name of climate emergency you can make any law because no one knows what will happen and scientists are way off in predicting future events. Some thought most people would have no food today because of overpopulation and that hasn't happened.

  3. Jesus. Every time Kelly is asked a question, she sounds like someone is pulling a string from her back with lies, nasty names, and questions… troll doll…..


  5. Georgians, she said it. Vote for the dream. Most want a better reality though.

  6. Anyone who debates like Android Kelly Loeffler shouldn't be allowed to represent a middle school much less the state of Georgia! If Georgia votes her in, it'll be hard to respect anyone from that state going forward. She's incapable!

  7. 2ND AMENDMENT NEW STRATEGY Let's sell guns to the Radical Liberals and use the money to support liberal ideas. We need to stop trying to talk sense into the RADICAL RIGHT about the 2nd Amendment. We just need to start getting guns to liberals and start showing up with those RADICAL-ANGRY- MEGA- RETARDICANS Rallies/Protests as they do to the liberals. Pretty sure they would start getting common since about decent gun laws. Fight fire with Fire! They don't understand our language so let's use the language they understand.

  8. Georgia sold their soul to the CCP…….
    The State Farm Arena video speaks volumes…….
    They know forensic examinations ends badly for them…….

  9. so many smart people on democrats side , and so many dumb and scary people on republic side

  10. She seems like she’s been drugged! 😳

  11. I don’t understand why anyone can vote Republican. They dnt care abt the people

  12. Hey Folks, while voting, don't forget to do everything thing you can to prevent Davis Perdue from being elected to the US Senate. Remember what he tried to do on behalf of Trump mispronouncing Kamala Harris's Name. That was outrageous be and Hatred, considering they both working in the Senate.

  13. NBC was fact checked for having no facts.

  14. Let's start calling them the Radical Right. It sure fits them better than it fits the Left

  15. There are plenty of cops that really are gangsters and thugs. If you don't know that by now you have come down in the last rain. How can Trump people call anyone radical. Give me a break.

  16. Did anyone count how many times she said "radical liberal"? Someone needs to tell her it sounds childish.

  17. Leoffler is like a broken vinyl that has been stuck on repea and it's my view even tho I'm not american

  18. Omg I can’t stand her! Why doesn’t he call her Radical Right!

  19. I want them to not only call out the opponents but also Mitch McConnell because it’s them they’re serving

  20. If I lived in Georgia I would vote for this man.

  21. Ann Coulter wannabe. Vote the android out.

  22. Funny how she keeps saying “radical left” and how she states Warnock is going decrease the military budget by 25%, MEANWHILE, Trump has diverted 3.8 billion from the military construction and counter narcotic operations budget to fund his wall! Mexico is Not paying for it. Please fact check he claims
    In addition recently diverted 1.5 Billion allocated for buying equipment for National Guard and Reserve units such as trucks, generators and spare parts, as well as fighter jets and ships. She is full for Crap!


    Here’s your future if the Democrats take over.

  24. It's all rigged Trumpers. Don't waste your time voting!

  25. Trump losing the election is a godsend.

  26. She sound so fake.. Creepy…

  27. This woman is a liar. Her American dream is lowering taxes on rich white people, and embolding police to commit further acts of discrimination against people of color. She doesn't care about democracy, she is a QAnon conspiracy nut job who doesn't have any business being in government. Go out and vote people. Get this liar and all the rest out of government!

  28. Isn't David Perdue the chicken man?

  29. I just looked into that police case regarding child abuse. He got charge for police obstruction apparently because he wouldn't let the youths talk to the police without a lawyer present. wtf is wrong with that?

  30. The repubilicans LOST!!!!!!!!!! Thats why they are f———- america over!!!!!

  31. After 10 times I literally started laughing every time she said "radical liberal Raphael Warnock" I couldn't help it lol. It's just so out of touch and sounds so irrelevant. I've never seen someone speaking more monotonous than her…

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