LIVE: House votes on debt ceiling legislation | NBC News

Watch live coverage as the House of Representatives votes on the debt ceiling deal negotiated by the Biden administration and Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

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LIVE: House votes on debt ceiling legislation | NBC News


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  1. Love this entire story!
    So happy that our democratic leaders are showing the strength of the party.

  2. It is do thing in the mechanism how no regulation. While the system no fail We have rules and laws what need to do and rules and laws not to do while earning. If we complying. That system is fine tune. If betray the fail take the place

  3. Bad we are the peoples we said we do not have debts to growth. They create debts because they earn big no tax and also want to wipe off Washington in their way on way become dictators

  4. We elect them watch over pentagon and the world trade. They are not worked careful they let tumble. We remove industries for world compliance control crime spread. From that they they did not pay tax whiles huge lobbies oversea and at home and parties and huge oligarchies make debts for voters

  5. All of them they are our representatives if no Washington. Why are we go to vote.

  6. Not Biden. Crime from lobbies and oligarchies at mansion while watch over the nation. Biden or Trump they are the politicians. McCarthy also the politicians they said Washington no good and void pay taxes above 400000 dollars a years. We are go to vote. The founder told us watch out those all the time if we have debts and struggle.

  7. This politicians out laws

  8. You know the Washington the global recognize. Not the politicians said it is better than the Washington.

  9. We have no debts but we have more things rearrange. And price control must take the place.

  10. It is from Mr Mcarthy

  11. No no the create the fake programs cheat peoples. That why the industries go out businesses without refund the investors monies. The investors supplies monies for companies. How no refund correct.

  12. It is the huge lobbies and oligarchies. If they make monies no debts for them. We have no victims from debts.

  13. Do we go to vote for debts and do not believe in capitol and Washington. They promote no pay tax. Now we must collect the tax. Then we print monies for workers oversea and workers at home. As long peoples decide that the way to do. Not from politicians not from businesses not from the crook.

  14. We have no debts because they promote no strong Washington. But they promote from capitol.

  15. We believe in Washington. Because we go to vote. The peoples earn big go against the voter they did not want the Washington strong watched over them do correct earn big. They tried not to pay tax. Abs since the social security. They tried to steal huge trillion. Buy gold and silvers and fake coins earn big still no tax. These peoples crime

  16. We still train peoples at home And technologies economy back up. We still oversea because the Bric. And we work on tax for people make above 10000 dollars any above 10% tax. And people make any above 40000 dollars a year at 20% tax. And any peoples make monies above 400000 dollars a years must pay 40% tax. Now we continue to work and invest in safe project and development and education and technologies. That is the correction. We do not want to hear the debts. While we did go to vote. We do not want to hear no price control in stock or real estate No control the bankruptcy these cause by peoples earn big

  17. We never vote for the Bric. We never go to vote for gold and silver and fake coin try to gather the dollars. We never honor the workers invest in gold and silvers and fake coins. So the rich dad live in the mansion and fast car and parties That all they care. We will stand up for industries at home and aboard fund from govern bond or from stock no inflation price for recession. That no debate it is the crime must stop

  18. While we have jobs and mission care oversea. We need to work on technologies safeties at home in case Things fail oversea.

  19. We will priority US dollars long time. At home and aboard. We must be good with something. Since our industries oversea. No gold and silver or fake coin to get the dollars. We must above the Bric. They did not let victim speak up. We have debts because then

  20. The debts from the man that create It is not about the workers. For the last 20 years

  21. We will not negotiate. We must debate what must do and what can not do.

  22. His name is Mc Carthy

  23. I do not know. This man in capitol he also the investor he earn more than 400000 a years never paid tax. His speech tell voters have debts.

  24. They net oligarchies and lobbies hide earn too much while told the voter their debts

  25. And Trump why crime records at his mansion. How we know our safety while they have lobbies and also the oligarchy

  26. Biden why crime records at his mansion

  27. We engage those listing above to care. How we have debts. Crook. Without those we have debts. With those still debts.

  28. We give them the jobs to watch over the financial institutions to ensure run projects and development and securities and education and technologies they said we need debts or what

  29. America did not believe in debts that the reason industries at home or oversea. On the US dollars. Those make debts still in capitol make speech

  30. We have no debt if we did put our industries oversea. And we do not believe in gold and silver that the way to growth because we have debts by this man promoting. He unfit to speak to all. Who go to vote to have the debts. It was not from workers and citizens in the country. Who go to vote while the Bric reject the dollars but the Bric sale gold and silver and fake coin for the US dollars. In the time must do more and better

  31. There were slump growth prior 1850 behind Washington capital. Who cleaned up The Washington cleaned up that slump growth. Why we hire peoples to run in today homeless live dirties can not clean up in San Francisco while we have the Washington.

  32. We not negotiate. But we have debate what must do and what can not do

  33. We believe policies see lobbies oligarchy must report and bribe must report. They do not believe in politicians remove file that deal with crime and store in the mansion while run the nation that people go to vote

  34. The peoples go to vote to run businesses to work to have room to move and change lane and merging They also do not believe in gold and silvers and fake coin to get rich to get extra cash from sale inflation. They also do not believe homeless spread live dirties and able to control diseases and virus or free radical no spread. They also do not believe in stock price inflation for buy or hold or sale. While companies go out businesses and bank go out of business. They believe in education get the jobs and serve communities they believe in their income working and run businesses must have extra to save and invest they believe we must have strong Washington And they believe the collect tax to have the planning programs and safeties for correct way to growth. That the reason the people go to vote.

  35. All that "we forced them" crap…what is that supposed to do??? Everyone says "spending" but no one goes into detail. Like the elephants don't grease palms. Maybe "spending" is another word for "not letting people starve". I have no patience or trust for vagueness.

  36. and Rome fell . Well I am done voting . You guys can't even secure the border , what good are you ? You say the people want this ,,, quit lying . Why vote it won't be honest and fair , they will take 25% from Social Security in the future . And the public debt did not go to American People , quit lying , poor well that is going to grow and grow . I got to get out of here , I can't take these lies , one after another geeesh .

  37. Since 1960, congress has dealt with the debt ceiling limit 78 times. Seventy Eight. And haven't fixed the problem yet. Now we're expected to believe Joe Biden will fix it if he's relected.

  38. Debt limit increased through January 2025, but not reporting how much. Multi trillion debt, clawing back a few billion against increasing a few trillion is laughable but not very funny.

  39. That’s absurd that child never spent anything You and all the Republican Presidents spending before now!!! Trump, Bush all of them

  40. I don’t know how you can say Biden is good 😰

  41. Never forget the 7.4 trillion in 2017

  42. The Collapse of these banks has torn into global markets, with investors ripping up their forecasts for further rises in interest rates and dumping bank stocks around the world. I'm at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my dipping $780k stock portfolio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear market?

  43. If your not baptized in the holy spirit. You might have demons.