Tuesday , September 29 2020
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LIVE: Impeachment Hearings Led By House Judiciary Committee | NBC News

Watch live coverage of the Judiciary Committee hearings in the next phase of the Trump impeachment effort following the hearings led by the Intelligence Committee. Coverage begins at 9am ET, Monday December 9.
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LIVE: Impeachment Hearings Led By House Judiciary Committee | NBC News


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  1. How Orwellian article titles like IG Report says no bias … BUT tons of exculpatory evidence left out

  2. funny how they didn't care about national security when it came to HRC's server … lol

  3. Just remember how evangelical makes their money fraud and they all support donald trump lying to the poor and the sick let me tell you they have no shame.Jesus,has nothing to do with those losers.

  4. If civil war starts remember who needs to go first. Gasoline is a effective self defense weapon.

  5. Walk away dems…..you are throwing our good monies after a bad idea on impeachment

  6. I wonder how many people listen to the Pres conversation????

  7. President Trump #2020Election 🇺🇸🗽Still Our President

  8. This is one way to say all horrible things about our president on TV to try to once again influence the next election.

  9. This is a pathetic joke. They cannot be President Trump and they know what so they are tried to influence the election buy this phony impeachment sham.

  10. អរគុណសំរាប់វីដេអូរបស់អ្នក

  11. Impeachment is a word used for serious problems. ¿Has the government ever take in consideration one important thing in their busy lives? What they eat when they go out on a restaurant… in my point of view view there are many flaws. But I in no way would like to intervene on anybody who is deciding on what’s wrong with our nation. Because I am not paying attention to all your remarks. To make our nation, and I am talking in plural because there may be mischievous people and we should always be a bit alert. If there isn’t good treatment foreign people will stop going the the most important thing which brings a percentage to our growth in economy. And we already had a Great Depression on our economy. I am not a person with a knowledge of what is going on with this impeachment but I hope it is understood in my point of view as an example. History has been the only thing I have always loved to read. And I’ve always admired the legislature of how all on both parties do what is good for our country and the people.

  12. The Circus continues – the Democrats only bogus claim is that Trump was telling Ukraine to do an investigation of the BIden's or they won't get their money to defend themselves against Russia! LOL. Obama just allowed Putin to goose step into the Crimea without any intervention.

  13. So far, Trump's popularity is way up in public opinion polls because of impeachment, particularly in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Nice work Dems!

  14. Obama wasn't legal either….how long till they find that out too?

  15. "8000" pages? Someone needs to back that up.


  17. Before Trump came along the white trash Tea Party stood in opposition of the rich and powerful.. Trump united them through hatred and now they've completely forgotten what they stood for. Nothing means more to them than hate, forget about the constitution.

  18. In India it would have been throwing shoes at one another in the senate

  19. I am honestly more terrified of how bad the grammar is in almost every comment on this video. Honestly, a 4-year-old child could construct a more properly worded statement than what is in this video's comment section.

  20. Sorry DEMONRATS you will lose again!!! We have the HOTTEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLD and you have nothing to do about it.

  21. To all the DEMONRATS SUPPORTERS. YOU clearly have been mind controlled by your educational system influenced by the anti American GLOBALIST. Time to accept that.

  22. I have a 100 bucks the demonstrator at the beginning of the hearing was hired by the Republicans, very clever… House of Cards maneuver

  23. It seems as if these Republicans are blind and deaf to reality. Republicans sound exactly like Russian politicians in defending there president to the fullest extent, even if they have to lie to the American people. Shame is upon the Republican Party that they know if the President goes down, so does there unhonorably Party, that they are willing to sacrifice the integrity, honor, and strength that we are as a country of laws with morals and scruples. The Constitution gives us inalienable rights, for there will be no kings nor queens in America. A country with Democracy is privileged and must be preserved at all cost. The President committed Treasonable acts in inviting foreign governments to intervene in our elections, our Democracy is in danger if Republicans continue to defend a treasonous President, for the Republican Party may be committing treason themselves by aiding the President in defending him and must be investigated for not up holding their oaths of office and the law of the land The Constitution of These United States of America. America wake up our Democracy is in danger, America stand beside her, defend her, and guide her into the Democracy that The Constitution has given These United States of America. If this President is not impeached, imagine in the future, a President with a silver tongue and his party as the majority and in power in the future with motives that are immoral that they are equal to Hitler and the Nazi party, for Democracy will die for no president can be accountable for any illegal, immoral, or unscrupulous or treasonous acts. Capital punishment would be given to a general in the military for such acts and the president is commander and chief and must be held accountable to the highest extent. May God Bless These United States of America and her Constitution.

  24. No matter the wrong doing by Trump in that call, it was spectacularly ill-advised that Biden's son was on the board of a foreign company with such a controversy during his Vice Presidency. He should've known better and advised his son not to accept that board membership.

    That said, Trump was capitalizing on what was only an ill-advised choice/decision – on the part of Hunter Biden – to undermine his father, a potentially strong political rival. It's a case of an ill-advised choice/decision on the part of Hunter Biden Vs what was a spectacular case of wrongdoing by the President.

  25. shows blicks are useless again

  26. "The Sith were the sworn enemies of the Jedi and the Republic. They sought to wipe us from existence; they sought to rule the galaxy. (…) A Dark Jedi, on the other hand, has much smaller ambitions. He or she thinks only of himself. He acts alone. The ultimate goal is not galactic conquest, but personal wealth and importance. Like a common thug or criminal, he revels in cruelty and selfishness. He preys upon the weak and vulnerable, spreading misery and suffering wherever he goes."

  27. The democommies once again struggled and failed to try and convince the conscious American public of any misdemeanors or any wrong doings by the
    wildly popular and successful president.

    Nadler started out first thing by denying the citizens in the room their first amendment rights,by stating that "you have no right to speak out "and that the "citizens should remain silent".
    Nadler's egregious attitude towards the American citizens and against the
    U.S. Constitutional rights of each and every citizen is appalling and should be looked upon as a traitorous act against all the American citizens and against our rights as citizens.
    When members of the meeting objected to the circumventing of proper parliamentary procedures by Chairman Nadler, he merely claimed that they were out of order or some other arbitrary and fabricated excuse.
    Clearly as the world watches this charade perpetrated by the DNC deep state coup,the world sees through these devious and maligned communist/demoncraps and all their evil.

  28. But he DIDN'T release the funds! Why can't these hapless democrats hit one or two real talking points now and again! "You don't NEED a quid pro quo!" … there's another … repeat after me! … instead of endlesly repeating the same talking points over and over, valid though those points may be … Work with me … !

  29. I don't have to be Rocket Scientist to realise that Dems are clearly making up stories as they go,
    they are all lying and are utterly hateful biased. Trump will Win the Election 100% in 2020 – He Should.
    Dems are become party of Jokers! #Walkaway – Please.

  30. First of all…Doug's from Georgia, kind of says it all.

  31. America where are you now?

    Don't you care about your sons and daughters?

    Don't you know we need you now

    We can't fight alone against the monster

  32. The rats are running stupid!! Making up more lies!!

  33. Trump = Nixon on steroids.

  34. The demorats don’t own the American people. We the people stand with the President of the United States.

  35. Trump is going to have set-up a "go – fund – me" if he can't get his charities to pay his legal bills.

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    Stable trading varieties, stable leverage, stable gradation and continuous predictable interest are the three basic conditions for promoting the development of the foreign exchange market, and the three basic guarantees that foreign exchange companies must provide!

             Steve Bannon said in this video that Wall Street, the City of London, Frankfurt, big investment banks, etc. have become the PR department of the Chinese Communist Party. In 2008, it was also them, pushing up the asset bubble, creating a financial crisis, money flowing into the pockets of a small number of elites, and financial disasters paid by taxpayers, but they did not suffer the loss of funds and they did not go to jail!

             Reveal the truth and spread the truth! Cracking down on the financial mechanism has become a hunting machine for a few black-hearted elites! Finance is the blood of economic development. Only healthy blood can promote the harmonious development of society!

  37. "Trump backfire", I watched in real-time as I have Clinton, Nixon, O.J. … I hope Trump has good lawyers.

  38. Impeachment hearings = ShitShows

  39. These Republicans at this hearing are trying to act like Trump. They are talking out of turn and challenging the judiciary moderator and every Democrat on everything they say.
    The Democrats aren't interrupting anyone. Why are the Republicans making a mockery of these hearings? They're disrespecting our country.

  40. Grand Old Party is now Russian owned.

  41. Mexico will pay for the impeachment.
    POS POTUS and staff.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  42. Trump never carried the image of an American President and gave the door to mocking American intelligence in all levels globally. He disrespected the white house as if our laws hold no ground. They allow those who participate in our government to obstruct and laugh at our founding fathers! If we cant get our government as is then America is one step from being a second world country.. Hold your children close America

  43. NBC, where lies, opinions, half truths and leftist bigotry get presented as "News".

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