LIVE: Kevin McCarthy House Vote – McCarthy appears to lose third speaker vote

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. 8:14 TF Indian conservative?🤮🤮🤮🥸

  2. Does he have some medical problem or he on blow 🌨️❄️ I thought we done with his kind

  3. Finally, the prom queen gets to wear her tiara

  4. That RINO needs to step down!

  5. We have a lot of RINOS in the republican party.

  6. We have a lot of RINOS in the republican party.

  7. He looks like he is losing weight. He needs to take better care of his health. His health is more important than being speaker, take care of your health Kevin!

  8. He has leadership with old stinky members . That is enough!

  9. Kevin McCarthy is finding out that Republicans made a deal with the devil when it came to Trump. Now he and the party are reaping what they sow.

  10. The joke here is that Repugnant Party has lost the truth of Democratic process. Lets just vote in the truth..a Democratic leader of the house…😉

  11. Remember what Einstein said….

  12. Let the clowns in the s*** shows about to begin with Kevin McCarthy at the head of the s*** show

  13. Nine times loser McCarthy! When will the Grand Old Party come out of its dementia and delirium?

  14. This is LITERALLY the definition of insanity… "Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result."

    How embarrassing for our country…

  15. I love watching this, it's soo entertaining. If your an old school Democrat, here's to cocktail hour tonight when you tune in to watch how the votes going! Iced cocktail shaker, a splash of Dolins dry vermouth, 2 jiggers of Tito's or Kittle Vodka and shake vigorously and pour. Don't forget a big fat Spanish olive stuffed with Salton's blue cheese. Click on the old tube and prepare to be entertained!

  16. Seeing that McCarthy will stay the same as speaker as he does now, screw the voters, the 20 holdouts should vote for Jefferies. At least something would be done by the Congress instead of this mess we have now. We can't take two years of constant investigations that will go no where. The country need help now, not more division

  17. Replace em all with Musk's NueraLink CyberBOTS.

  18. Some people just feel entitled.

  19. Just absolute Theatre. To get their name into the history books it's sickening they surely don't care for you or the country. This Kevin McCarthy/Gaetz +Speaker of the House needing 17 votes. It all a set up between them. I predict they will come to an agreement on the last hour. Pretence meaning under duress McCarthy agrees with their baseless demands and shows the world he hadn't any other choice. wasting taxpayers money and our precious time. Sickening disgusting and YOU 'VOTER' needs to stop these people.

  20. The lady from "Home Alone " is looking for Kevin. Kevin go home!

  21. I get it no biggie… How about loose Cheney for speaker after all she doesn't like Trump and there's a biggie bigot

  22. The 2016 election proved you people will vote for literally anyone so long as they're on your side, whether it's a corporate shill who didn't support gay marriage and supported the Iraq war or the butt of jokes for decades who can't decide which party he supports and opposed the Iraq war. Did something change when I wasn't looking or is there a game of 4D chess being played here?

  23. I'm hoping it goes to at least 64 votes at least then it will beat the December 22, 1849 – 63rd BALLOT [57]PartyCandidateVotes%DemocraticHowell Cobb (GA 6)10246.16WhigRobert C. Winthrop (MA 1) (Incumbent)9944.80Free SoilDavid Wilmot (PA 12)83.62WhigCharles S. Morehead (KY 8)41.81DemocraticWilliam Strong (PA 9)31.34   —Others52.27Total votes:221100

  24. He is a phoney. Get rid of him.

  25. Kevin McCarthy is not speaker

  26. Trump for speaker of the house

  27. Withholding your vote for concessions is exactly what Jimmy Dore asked AOC and the squad to do when Pelosi was up for speaker of the House. Use your leverage.
    But Democrats are feckless and impotent, whereas Republicans have balls

  28. Because of a mere 20 people who does not like McCarthy, the progress to implement the MAGA agenda is being halted, does that make sense? I get it, McCarthy is imperfect; ask yourself, are you perfect?

  29. Change the nomination for a fresh start!!!!

  30. Mummy are we there yet ?

  31. When will they do the work for the people, I vote to get to work now!

  32. One Nation One Religion One Army. The rest is extra. Everything else is eating Earth to the end. Not only The United States of America nor The World needs our Awesome Republican Government.

  33. McCarthy needs to abdicate as a running candidate for speaker of the house, the results will not change and he needs to accept it.😤😡😠😤😡😤😠😧😧😡😤😠😤😡😧

  34. Republican have an opportunity here to elect someone capable this is sad while the demos are crooks the republicans are schnooks we need a new system