LIVE: Kevin McCarthy House Vote: On the 3rd, Republican Rep. McCarthy appears to lose the 11th round vote

#housespeaker #kevinmccarthy #congressmankevinmccarthy #abcnews Republican leader Kevin McCarthy suffered six losses in his bid for House speaker and the fight turns into a chaotic third day. The seventh round of voting for Speaker of the House is expected to resume on Thursday at 12 pm EST. SUBSCRIBE to ABC News on YouTube: Latest Updates: Watch FULL EPISODES on Hulu:

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. From my perspective I've totally fallen in love with C- span although this is actually the first time I'm watching it and also dropping a comment. Kudos to the coordinators of this great video I'm looking for to get more from this particular channel…

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  3. McCarthy made himself dependent on right-wing Republicans for his election as speaker of parliament. A weak leader who allows Trumpists to attempt new coups. That certainly amuses Donald Trump a lot.

  4. You can see the look on his face he's corrupt as hell

  5. He is still a TRUMPer oh boy here we go again

  6. What, no Fox News coverage on YouTube, ABC is worried, I ownder why!?

  7. McCarthy got the job now he needs to something. When are they going to change Pelosi

  8. This Internet site controller is Removing The Peoples Honest Comments; For More Promotion of McCarthy to be U.S. House Speaker. A Narrow based agenda that excludes 'All truth' from the people; but promotes Narrow based; Partial truth for trying to help McCarthy!

  9. Kevin McCarthy wins!!!!! We Republicans Own the House and Politicians our Nation back Home mate!

  10. This reminded me of that Dictator that demanded to become Speaker but was Silent upon knowing that He Who Speaks Lies? Will Do So Within Democracy.

  11. McCarthy scaling through on Jan 6, the anniversary of the attempted coup is something that all should be mindful off. God made Kevin see live.

  12. We DID NOT vote for you, Kevin… HOW DID YOU WIN THIS?? As a Maricopa County, AZ citizen… we NOW KNOW that answer. Votes do NOT count. DISGUSTING.

  13. This is so stupid. The grand standing…God almighty.

  14. The Rhinos Vote, now you know who they are.

  15. Trump will take credit

  16. Latvia (European Union) arrests Sputnik Editor-in-chief (Journalist)

  17. It's called a debate! All of you rubber stamp politicians aren't use to practicing democracy!!

  18. Jim Jordan or orange man rad for speaker

  19. You cannot force Mr. Jordon his vote went to Mc. Carthy so therefore one was canceled out so only people to hold up this is Lauren Borbert

  20. Could it be he is from California and the previous speaker was also from California. Enough

  21. I have heard just about every speech nominating McCarthy, Jeffries, et al. HOW DARE THEY TAKE UP ANY TIME SPEAKING OF ELECTING A SPEAKER BASED ON THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN. Enough of this, "We can make History!" This is what they are concerned with. Getting their names on the ROLL CALL, FOR OR AGAINST, so they can make history? How about trying to make the House work more efficiently. How about serving your constituents instead of your own interests.

  22. What a freaking joke just keep voting till he wins if that's the case let the people of the US vote I mean come on geez

  23. Everybody that I know wants details. Can't just say that you're fighting for the people when both sides are supposedly doing so. Why comes there is
    no media outlet reporting specifically what is causing the fight. Need SPECIFICS ARE YOU ARE PURPOSELY TRYING TO KEEP THE VOTING PUBLIC DUMBED DOWN!!!!!

  24. McCarthy is being spiteful, if he can't be speaker then no one else will. he's going to drag this out for months .

  25. McCarthy is being spiteful, if he can't be speaker then no one else will. he's going to drag this out for months .

  26. Grow up and stop trying to stop Kevin from getting the justice that we all deserve. This is just Lauren and Matt trying to save themselves from going down with democrats because they have already helped them commit some of their crimes. They are democrats in republican clothing. Ask GOD

  27. Finally some Congress members unafraid to stand up to power and the political and media elites, on both sides, are in a panic!

  28. McCarthy can, like most politicians, say and promise anything but he isnt telling the truth and we should not trust him.

  29. Matt Gaetz still alive?

  30. We don't need a swamp gators republican to take over the speaker place.

  31. How meny days the cowounting of vote

  32. How meny time the refit of conting

  33. Why is it that they always say the Republican lost the vote? Excuse me! The Democrat lost the vote just as well.! I hope people understand what is really going on? Because what is really going on is We the taxpayers of America 🇺🇸 want political leaders that actually work for Americans first .

  34. McCarthy will make a great speaker. He has a nice defined jaw line, is thin and has a full head of hair. I can see him elegantly dressed in his crisp business suit, looking dashing and debonair, standing to applaud the Delaware Dim Bulb during the state of the union address.

  35. Dr. Ben Carson for speaker

  36. Kevin should GO HOME ( alone)

  37. 203, 202, 201, 200 …

    Clearly going in the wrong direction nevertheless all are still far more than 20

  38. We DONT need jeffferys as speaker of the house ! ! This woman is nuts im from oklahoma i want mccarthy as speaker ! ! 🤔😡😡✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 . . . .

  39. What was the definition of insanity again? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

  40. on the the 11th try with the long nay vote to adjourn by democraps, It looks like the Democrats are playing the republican holdouts for suckers if they think they are draining the swamp.

    it was a democrap congress majority that pushed the 1.7 trillion bill thru with members of congress that were voted out of office.

    instead of messing around file a criminal complaint in court for being decieved concerning a congressional bill & lack of time to review it
    thru ommission .
    thats draining the swamp.

    The senate had no problem adding over 1000 changes to the bill that representatives were left in the dark about the senate candyland changes to get it appeoved in the senate.
    thats part of the ommission to decieve.
    Basically the Senate Majority leader embezzeled the taxpayer for money the government doesnt have for favors.

    Basically the Senate Majority leader embezzeled the taxpayer for money the government doesnt have for favors while denying parts of the Country representation in congress
    trying to legitimize the procedure.

  41. The swamp is vast in Washington. Those supporting McCarthy are the mostly part of the swamp and his support is widespread. Also, the term "swamp" is synonymous with the term "corruption". Therefore, the corruption in Washington is deep and wide. This speaker situation is proving my point. Sad state of affairs for the people of the US.

  42. GOP has two comedy shows at the moments separately hosted by Santos (if that is his real name) and MaCarthy.

  43. Jeffries or Donalds!!! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 #NeverMccarthy

  44. This isn't about McCarthy it is about the 1/6 co conspirators getting control of the judicuary commitee the minute McCarthy caves on those appointments that happens.

  45. Ladies & gentlemen with this start to Republican rule in the House, don’t expect any bills to be passed over the next two years!

  46. Imagine how strong we'd all be once we see the purposeful division these government leaders put in place to keep their civilians weak and disoriented and unaware of the things behind the scenes of the seems of this matrix

  47. God Bless the 20 Patriots 💖

  48. Democratic and Republican moderates should form a coalition to elect a Speaker.
    Then after the new congress is sworn in, they should expel every member of the Freedom Caucus.