Friday , January 15 2021
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Live: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Briefing | NBC News

Watch coronavirus livestream coverage of the outbreak as COVID-19 spreads, impacting markets and daily life across the U.S. and abroad.
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Live: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Briefing | NBC News


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  1. The CDC just released new Covid statistics. "Only 6 % of all recorded deaths are from the Virus, Thats 11,000 people"

  2. Ugh!!!!
    He is sooooooo disgustingly arrogant 🤢🤮
    I'm sure he misses 🍕🌭

  3. If anybody would look at the facts they would know that you are a direct cause of killing 11,000 elderly people in your state, why did you not use the ship? I can't wait for the class action lawsuit but even then the people that "adore" will stay selectively blinded to your evil ways. But one thing that everybody can be assured of, Truth and Justice always prevails no matter how clever You Think You Are

  4. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is CHINA VIRUS

  5. An election stealing thug like his father.

  6. Facts you have it !!!
    Numbers not BS
    We need a president responsable for his acts like you

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  9. SEEK out everything the liberals

  10. If he decides that everybody needs to be in their houses for the rest of the year .. everyone!
    We won’t have any infections anymore
    Good idea ?

  11. Andrew Cuomo killed 6,500 people.
    Look it up.

  12. I really wished GOV. CUOMO ran for President #46. He would turn this country around 180%

  13. Fukn wish this was our President!


  15. The Covid Girl*
    I saw her weezining in the rain
    Covid falling on her
    She didn't seem to care
    She sat there and grinned at me

    Then I knew (I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew)
    She could make me feel crappy (crappy, crappy)
    Covid in her hair
    Covid everywhere

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    You can get it through the eye
    (I fear the Covid girl)(I fear the Covid girl)
    She seemed so sick and kind
    She crept into my mind
    (To my mind)(to my mind)

    I knew I had to social distance –
    But she smiled up at me (hello, hello)
    And she took my hand
    And we walked through the park alone

    And I knew (I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew)
    She would make me feel crappy (crappy, crappy)

    Covid in her hair (in her hair)
    Covid everywhere (everywhere)

  16. Government not your job to protect ppl from death. Your an asshat.. protect from mob curruption

  17. So many fake paid bots on here praising this goon..

  18. Cuomo do you job without raising taxes and open schools. Let us be free

  19. Does anyone think his voice is like a little kids voice? This guy is a farse. Wake up people. What a hypocrite. I declare myself essential too!! I will travel where ever I want too

  20. Never vote by mail if you want an honest election

  21. Governor Cuomo has blood on his hands just saying
    Trump 2020 it’ll be a landslide 🇺🇸
    God bless the United States of America
    And God bless Donald J Trump

  22. Cuomo is Italian just like Big Al Capone was as both criminals destroy cities.

  23. I know what's happening on earth now and it is much more dangerous than "Covid-19". Our freedom is at stake. Generations of humans after us may never know freedom if people don't wake up. That's if we're lucky. It's extremely obvious Covid-19 is fake. Learning Covid-19 wasn't real saved my life. This agenda to destroy human civilization is real.

  24. The reason it takes so long to become a legal citizen is because there are not enough jobs. When someone trys to come to this country one of the things the government looks at is if there is enough jobs for them. Tell the democrats to stop sending jobs to other countries and it won't take as long to come in legally

  25. Amy McGuire when are you going to open the school's up

  26. Run new Yorkers run,,flee Andy and Bill's cess pool.mass exodus bring your money to a friendly city.sandra Lee ran,think she's dumb??

  27. Fake News ! Fake Virus ! All an attempt to ruin the trump economy ! Mis management of our tax payer's money ! Vote him out of office ! Vote against all Democrats ! Vote for Trump,, an INDEPENDENT !

  28. Meanwhile New York regardless of some of this mistakes that were made with the largest population in the country… have some of the least new cases. Who you gunna trust? States that Trump said to open up? That ARE FAILING? Or New York?

  29. The Wall Street Journal conducted an extensive investigation into the failures of New York’s coronavirus response that is worth reading, but the deadly nursing home policy, and the cover-up that followed, is perhaps the most notable failure, contributing greatly to the state’s poor performance.

    On March 25, Cuomo ordered nursing homes to accept patients regardless of their coronavirus status. Even then it was well-known that the elderly were more vulnerable to the virus. Despite the folly of this policy, Cuomo defended it. Nursing homes “don’t have a right to object. That is the rule and that is the regulation and they have to comply with that,” Cuomo said in April. He finally rescinded the order on May 11, but the damage had been done. Cuomo enabled a massive outbreak in New York nursing homes and long-term care facilities (NH/LTC) and has been trying to cover up his mistakes ever since with the help of the New York Department of Health.

    The first step in the cover-up was to not count the deaths of nursing home residents who died in hospitals in their tallies of nursing home resident deaths. New York was the only state to do this, and, of course, it resulted in a massive undercounting of nursing home deaths. 

    The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) admitted a couple of months ago that they quietly changed their reporting policy around late April/early May so that nursing home and long-term care patients who died from COVID-19 in a hospital were not included as nursing home COVID-19 fatalities. 

    “Deaths of nursing home and adult care facility residents that occurred at hospitals is accounted for in the overall fatality data on our COVID-19 tracker,” explained NYSDOH spokeswoman Jill Montag.

    So, what’s the real number of NH/LTC deaths from COVID-19 in New York? The New York Post investigated the number of deaths at just four nursing homes from March through early May, and found the following discrepancies:

    Cold Spring Hills Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation, Woodbury, LI: 115 actual deaths, 23 state tally (Actual deaths 5x higher than official state tally)
    Cypress Gardens Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation, Flushing: 76 actual deaths, 7 state tally (Actual deaths 10.85x higher than official state tally)
    Seagate Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, Coney Island: 74 actual deaths, 25 state tally (Actual deaths 2.96x higher than official state tally)
    Townhouse Center for Rehabilitation & Nursing, Uniondale, LI: 41 actual deaths, 16 state tally (Actual deaths 2.56x higher than official state tally)

    Based on these four facilities, the actual COVID-19 deaths are anywhere from 2.5 times to nearly 11 times higher than New York’s official tally.

    The cover-up of Cuomo’s deadly nursing home policy continued when the NYSDOH “investigated” the policy and its impact. As you might expect, they concluded that the decision to send patients who tested positive for the coronavirus into nursing homes was not a “significant factor” in the thousands of deaths that occurred in NH/LTC facilities statewide, and then claimed that New York experienced a lower rate of NH/LTC COVID-19 deaths than most other states.

    The 33-page report, issued by Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker, a Cuomo-appointee, blamed nursing home staff and visitors for unknowingly infecting nursing home patients. Cuomo did a victory dance after the report, and claimed criticism of his nursing home policy was based on “pure politics.”

    “You had this political conspiracy that the deaths in nursing homes were preventable,” Cuomo said. “And now the report has the facts and the facts tell the exact opposite story.”

    So, let’s examine the report.

    According to “Appendix B. Cases and Deaths in Nursing Homes, by State” of the investigation report, which was last updated July 20, New York was the 46th lowest out of 51 states (and D.C.) when ranked by the share of nursing home and long-term care facility COVID-19 deaths to the state’s total COVID-19 deaths.

    For this, Cuomo patted himself on the back, but here’s the problem: the NYDOH report based their numbers on the New York Times’ interactive dataset, which used New York’s official tally, which, as has been previously established, is significantly undercounting nursing home and long-term care facility deaths. But, before we get into that, let’s see what those numbers say right now:

    NH/LTC deaths (official): 6,566
    Total state deaths (official): 32,305
    NH/LTC share: 20 percent

    As noted above, there are discrepancies between the state tally of these deaths and the true number, but for the purpose of this examination, I’m just going to go with the low-end estimate and assume the actual numbers are 2.5 times higher than the state’s official numbers, just to see where things land:

    NH/LTC deaths (adjusted 2.5x): 16,415
    NH/LTC share: 51 percent

    That’s quite a jump: 20 percent to 51 percent. Keep in mind that New York is the only state that is deliberately undercounting these deaths. Even if Governor Cuomo conceded this point, he would likely point out that 51 percent is still not the worst of all states. According to the New York Times analysis, New Hampshire leads the country with 81 percent of its COVID-19 deaths being attributed to NH/LTC facilities. New York would end up ranking 21st-highest of 51, which is still a lot worse than 46 out of 51, but not the worst in the country. Why is that?

    As previously mentioned, New York’s response to the coronavirus was botched in more ways than just the nursing home policy. New York’s failures to protect the public outside of nursing homes means that cases and deaths of the general population would also be higher than most states, even on a per capita basis. This means that because COVID-19 deaths of the general public in New York are so much higher per capita compared to other states that did a better job protecting their people, the share of nursing home deaths compared to deaths overall will be lower by comparison. In short, it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison.

    Since we’re assessing the nursing home policy and its impact on that population, we’ll actually get a far more accurate representation of the impact of Cuomo’s policy if we measure nursing home and long-term facilities’ resident deaths against each state’s totals for just that population.

    So going back to the NYDOH report, we can see that the numbers needed to make this analysis are conveniently provided. So, let’s compare the states’ numbers for NH/LTC deaths compared to their respective NH/LTC resident populations, based on the numbers used in the NYDOH report:

    New Jersey: 6,617 deaths out of 44,033 residents (15.03%)
    Connecticut: 3,124 deaths out of 22,653 residents (13.79%)
    Massachusetts: 5,115 deaths out of 38,673 residents (13.23%)
    Rhode Island: 715 deaths out of 7,817 residents (9.15%)
    Maryland: 1,924 deaths out of 24,414 residents (7.88%)
    District of Columbia: 173 deaths out of 2,380 residents (7.27%)
    New York (official): 6,432 deaths out of 101,518 residents (6.34%)
    Delaware: 263 deaths out of 4,181 residents (6.29%)
    Pennsylvania: 4,518 deaths out of 76,652 residents (5.89%)
    Colorado: 910 deaths out of 16,078 residents (5.66%)

    New York comes in at 7 with their NH/LTC death accounting for 6.34 percent of that population in the state. But, that’s based on the official state tally. What happens when we correct for this undercounting by assuming a 2.5 times increase in deaths?

    New York (adjusted): 16,080 deaths out of 101,518 residents (15.84%)
    New Jersey: 6,617 deaths out of 44,033 residents (15.03%)
    Connecticut: 3,124 deaths out of 22,653 residents (13.79%)
    Massachusetts: 5,115 deaths out of 38,673 residents (13.23%)
    Rhode Island: 715 deaths out of 7,817 residents (9.15%)

    A far more accurate comparison of nursing home deaths by each state puts New York above them all with the worst rate of deaths per that population. And this based on a modest assumption of only a 2.5x discrepancy between the official state tally and the actual. It could be significantly higher.

    The true story of just how bad Cuomo’s nursing home policy was is right there in the report. All the data used to make the above calculation came directly from it, but the Cuomo administration used bogus numbers and a bogus metric to make it appear as though New York did exceptionally well compared to other states when it came to nursing home deaths from COVID-19. Nothing could be further from the truth. New York state’s coronavirus response was a total failure and the proof is in the data. It’s about time the media (and Dr. Fauci) start calling Cuomo out for this.

  30. Cuomo is the biggest con-artist in the world. Its beyond insane at this point. You can't go to church a gym or a movie, but if your a lib protestor you are above the law

  31. A politician that cares for his constituents. I love NY🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

  32. Cuomo belongs in Gitmo

  33. He finally said what we were all thinking, uwu

  34. A pathetic shitpile named Cuomo.

  35. Stop misleading the people with your lies

  36. I have a lot of respect for Governor Cuomo I didn't know too much about him and I live in New York state but now it seem like I have a big brother that has my back I see the sincerity that he have about for New Yorkers and I can feel the compassion I pray that God keep him and his family and the Lord keep him he is really fighting for us I feel like a part of his family and when his brother got sick we were praying and my son's laugh when is him and his little brother was talking about being moms favorite because it reminds them of their relationship that they have with each other it is about love thank you Governor Cuomo for being there standing in the gap for us may God forever Grant you peace is my prayer my daughter lives in Atlanta Georgia and thank you for supporting the Mayor there too

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