Monday , November 30 2020
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Live: Steven Mnuchin, Ben Carson testify on affordable housing

House Financial Services Committee Hearing on “The End of Affordable Housing? A Review of the Trump Administration’s Plans to Change Housing Finance in America.” Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, HUD Secretary Carson, and Federal Housing Finance Agency director Mark Calabria testify.

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  1. Maxine doesn't care what Calabia's response is. She's reading from a script! No intelegent thought on her own.

  2. Available properties also need top be in somewhat desirable areas and condition
    Many homes aren't always in the best of conditions
    Especially in PHILTHADELPHIA

  3. 2018 Amazon revenue = $232billion. Yang2020 VAT tax on Amazon sales = $23 billion to be distributed in $1000 checks to the owners of the country. Dividends reduce welfare, provide help for stay at home parents, increase economic growth and help local business.

  4. We don’t want to be responsible for Puerto Rico. Why are you hollowing at housing sec. when FEMA is responsible

  5. Mad Maxine Waters is such a shady low life. Just nothing but a scumbucket. Most corrupt and backwards Tammany hall tactics politician on Planet earth. And they put her as the treasurer of the house…

  6. Solution to wealth gap is WORK not government handout.

  7. All of the "Affordable" Housing
    Goes to Immigrants!!
    Time to get Guns!!!

  8. Boiling Mad , Now.!!

  9. ​If Mick Jagger fell face first into an Irish peat bog for 6000 years, he'd look like the spitting image of Rep. Maxine Waters!

  10. ​If Mick Jagger fell face first into an Irish peat bog for 6000 years, he'd look like the spitting image of Rep. Maxine Waters!

  11. Whew. 48 min in, she doesn't want the answer. Ty, Mr. McHenry. There is nothing wrong with withholding funds when the trail for such funding cannot, or previously has not, been shown to go to the intended, needy recipient(s). There is way too much profiteering off of "natural disaster" funding. Nicely done, Sec. Carson.

  12. We dont give federal funding for color sorry wicked maxine ain't gunna do it

  13. Waters has so many homeless in her district's area and the sanitation is so bad that the plague is back. How can she say what she's saying?

  14. Maxine Waters Chairs the Financial Services Committee. This the definition if idiocracy.
    The same Maxine Waters voted multiple years the MOST CORRUPT POLITICIAN IN WASHINGTON, DC.
    You can’t make that stuff up people. Like taking the worst thief in prison and make him president of your local bank.

  15. So many empty seats. Where are the Congressmen?

  16. drnatedog yt Ramos you are incorrect. Illegal immigration has a lot to do with homelessness. Maxine waters district is among the worse in the country but she wouldn't know because she doesn't live in her district.

  17. …LOL….we're in the beginnings of a grand solar minimum that is expected to last 30 to 50 years…
    …more earthquakes….more volcanoes exploding….more tornadoes….more hurricanes…
    …more destruction to homes and agriculture….along with major disruptions to transportation…
    …greater homelessness and starvation will become the norm…
    …no wonder director calabria wants to make sure his share holders get their money NOW…!!!…

  18. she don't love me, she loves anybody else but it's talk only I supported these people and got nothing as a senior,lost my house,lost my career,lost everything under these demoratz liars and cheats who don't give a dam about you – be not decieved, when you come for ssi and need it or any help you worked for you will be shot down like a dog asking for a bone – all these utopian plans die in the hands of the demorats they been in power here in cali for most of my life and yet we have tent cities,is this what we want – hell no !

  19. Valezqeuz,will be exposed $by her own doing,Carson is secure in it.

  20. When Mad Maxine Waters goes to prison along with Treasonous Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, Gavin Nusom and Dianne Feinstein, will their personal assets become Federal Property? After all, these thieving bitches & bastards have been stealing taxpayer funds for well over 30 years, why not take it all?

  21. You borrow the money and don't pay it back you will loose your home that's what you agree to when you borrow money for a home. And before you borrow the money you are given papers with a number to call for loan counselor so you have full understanding. I had that to happen to me and my family years ago. But can say Praise God he opened a door for us and we sold our home the day the bank was to take ownership at 12 noon we sold at 10:00am All this was due to job lost. Praise God we are blessed by him in him and through Jesus Christ.

  22. Democrats are criminals who should be jailed!

  23. In a free and equal soeciety you can't force people to make the right decisions, but you can install particular social programs without strict enough restrictions which tends to spread several problems that are rather devestating to society at whole, like drug addiction, bad parenting skills, poor education due bad parenting skills and crime.

  24. She is talking truth. I pay $17,000.00 a year to rent, but can't buy a home. Banks make it hard for me and my blk family to purchase a home. I have a great credit score, but the interest that they want to charge me is ridiculous, so it's hard for me to purchase a home. Mind you, I have been paying $17,000.00 a year for over 6 years, at $1,400.00 a month for rent alone.

  25. To make a point, it is important for equality for all, not propping particular races up which leads to crashing markets for being forced to give loans to low credit people. I mean, what's the democrats goal? To purposely crash the housing market again, I mean, it was so good the first time right?

  26. Jeez! Velazquez must be PISSED she wasn't able to STEAL THE MONEY..THOSE WHO YELL THE LOUDEST!!

  27. Democrats believe that Winning
    Belongs to the Buyer….Period.
    They have NO PLAN; or any
    intentions of any kind! Fakers!

  28. Democrats for Sale.!
    Flea Market Prices.!

  29. How easily Democrats call out racial division yet NEVER have a plan to build the nation’s economy or REDUCE TAXES.

  30. Democrat Communist Party will be decimated November 2020

  31. Whoa, ms. Velazquez is a wild nut!

  32. Maxine Waters is guilty of cultural misappropriation by wearing that Caucasian hair wig. That is as bad as wearing black face makeup.

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