Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Live: Trump delivers remarks at the Young Black Leadership Summit 2019

President Trump will deliver remarks at the Young Black Leadership Summit 2019 at the White House.

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  1. That was one hell of a closer by Trump. No prompter either. Obama, each your heart out.

  2. Candace Owens is a future American President. I believe she is one of the most promising, intelligent young conservative in the country. She would be a tough President. Go Candace !! President Trump in 2020 baby.

  3. All I know is I'm loving my life right now under this administration 👍🏾😎

  4. This man, our leader, makes me smile every time. God bless everyone in that room and God bless America. Stand with our president Donald Trump.

  5. I didn't vote for him in 2016, but I plan to in 2020.

  6. Trump handles business like a BOSS!

  7. I'm wondering what happens if we stop calling each other by our skin color, it's 2019. Time to start segregating by weight.

  8. Who is this ignorant person? It is just painful to listen to her words.

  9. Thank you Terrance, an attack on you is also an attack on me and an attack on the majority of us in this great Country! God bless all of us!

  10. OUR POTUS! What an honor to meet him!

  11. What if it were called ''young white leadership'' ?

  12. The Lord has sent are black American Brothers and sisters someone not too erase there past , But !
    To bring them hope of a future , of strength , Independence of a long , long struggle for True freedom !
    A strong Foundation not made of sand , NO ! but of strength
    I pray that they see what God has given them ..
    I hope that my black brothers and sisters understand that God loves them and has not forsaken them ! For they are God's children too ; and it is important for the Watchmen to cry out when the Lord stands at the door and Knocks !
    He does not look at color but the soles of men and women .
    I pray that you hear the Cry Of The Watchman … I pray you hear the knock at the door my brother and sister … I wish you well

  13. Fox Business, This is wonderful! Candace awesome as usual! President Trump 2020, 2024…😀🤗

  14. i hope she decides to run for Congress or better

  15. Pray God bless America and Australia. Praise God or Jesus, and President Donald Trump's Team

  16. I felt like I was there,I was smiling all through, conservatives bring so much joy

  17. Yea! Charlie and Candice. Thank you for all you do.

  18. never seen that happy with our potus look at everyone nice environment w/o dark spirits

  19. Turn up the column. Geesh.

  20. Great job Candice keep it up. Trump and Pence lots of respect for you! Every time I see you fighting for all of us I’m filled with pride. You keep fighting too! As she said your going through a lot right now…. I think about that fact every day! We have your back!

  21. fake news CNN will not cover this news, tomorrow again they be calling this president a racist again.

  22. I am inspired by these beautiful young people that haven’t drank the democratic Kool Aid!

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