Sunday , November 29 2020
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Live: Trump lifts sanctions from Turkey in anticipation of lasting cease-fire

President Trump will make an official statement on Syria in the Diplomatic Reception Room.

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  1. I would like to know why I can't post a comment on Mr. Zuckerberg 's speech. Sorry, but I don't trust the mainstream media.


  3. While Schiff is spending his last time in a bunker Trump is guaranteeing freedom and peace for all people..DEja vu?

  4. reporter: mr president i have some news for you about the isis fighters…blah…blah…blah…stfu

  5. This is part of the fake press, even if they don't know they're fake they be coming at 2

  6. Why ask such a Negative question is such in the face of such positivity, are you checking everything the president said is correct when you should be paying attention to the bloodshed the president save the country from

  7. We could avoid the situation and even get a better outcome not one of our soldiers should be lost in this if you use your head,

  8. I don't want to leave lose none of my troops for something that we could avoid

  9. And he explains everything to you, before they'd make a statement they wouldn't tell us why where they are they wouldn't tell us nothing they wouldn't even tell us what was happening the president is telling you exactly what is happening and there's no lies in his mouth

  10. I swear this is the best present I've ever seen in my life is the best president I've ever seen in my life y'all better follow him he makes sense


  12. Would fake news fake accusations, a drumbeat of impeachment, which was stated the day he was elected, it shows the corruption and the political leaders it shows the corruption as well I would have never seen this hadn't they not attacked the president with such lies and b*****

  13. All the time Donald Trump is making these achievements, they're good achievements, more coming oh, but he is under attack at home,

  14. He's just not setting these things and leaving it alone he's getting to work he's working through deeply with each faction of the situation and not taking any sides except the NATO side of course we have to protect but this is not what the NATO was designed to deal with

  15. And this ceasefire President Trump will be in touch with all of the leaders everyday, everyday and he's getting to know the players and the movers and the Shakers and know how to get people to work things out he making a deal for the Middle East is going to last, this is what's important for our reputation in the Middle East, help these countries come to understanding with each other if he can stop the Bloodshed and cereal and between turkey he could stop it and other places too give him time he will do it

  16. President Trump will take that oil money and you could use it to help the Kurds and the help other the refugees I know what he's going to do

  17. And I say to all Americans follow your president in these times, your Constitution is under immense Danger, if you fail to do what is right and to understand what is right our country is lost, and the way things are coming together

  18. Anybody can be tough, sitting from their armchairs, go out there set between two factions of people have been fighting for 300 years, will try to make peace but now we're going to try it an unconventional way oh, the conventional way cause life, billions of dollars we could have used this money to build our cities and the bills are factories and the build our military

  19. The president is using the tools of a democracy, and he's using them and yielding the sword with precision

  20. He is so insincere that it is almost incomprehensible!

  21. First off this isn't a cease fire. That is a lie. The Russians and Turks are ordering the Kurds to move away from the oil fields in northern Syria or, in their words, "We will mow you down." That isn't a ceasefire. Saying that is a cease fire is like saying if you don't tell the world you are investigating the Bidens then I won't give you the aid we promised isn't extortion.

  22. There is something seriously wrong with this man and it is so obvious to anyone who possess even the tiniest degree of perception and discernment. You people do not actually like him do you? Only logical explanation is some sort of mass hypnosis or something? AND no…I am not a Democrat! I am a lifelong Conservative Republican but I am a REAL Conservative and one who respects our Constitution ( unlike Mr. Trump who insults and belittles it ) and one who is opposed to lawlessness unlike our current POTUS who embraces it as well as racism, divisiveness and violence and ridiculous and paranoid conspiracy theories. Unreal how incredibly dumb our nation has become over these past 3 years. This man does not even posses an Elementary School level knowledge of history, government or the laws of our country or the Constitution.

  23. Praying for you dear president, Americans see your love for our nation and you love you back.

  24. God Bless our Appointed and annointed one, may he next bring our troops home and begin enacting the insurrection acts against this terrorist treasonous demoncratic party trying to remove the President we the people and God almighty put in office!!

  25. 35 thumbs down. Dems just can't stand WINNING! Trump 2020!

  26. We get their oil. I wonder what he'll do with it pretty sweet

  27. A president who actually leads and has the courage to put Americans before the war machine. God Bless this man.

  28. I want to see how Adam schiff will change President Trump speech?.

  29. Let's keep our fingers crossed. But I I know Islam, and I do, this cease fire won't last.

  30. Go Trump πŸ’ͺ😎β™₯️

  31. β€œThank you, Donald, good boy!”
    V. Putin
    Aka Daddy

  32. TRUMP 2020! God is leading him to victory at the ballot box! Thank you Jesus!

  33. Donald should NOT be held accountable. Psychopaths have little to no control over their condition.
    Blame Putin and the people who voted for Donald.

  34. To all of the Nay Sayers…… President Trump ended a very tense situation without firing a shot or losing an American Life not to mention countless lives of Kurds and Turks or any of our NATO allies. That is LEADERSHIP that he has demonstrated on other occasions as well.


  36. Dear US Citizens.
    Try to sit down in a good chair and then watch the series, about the American heroes who have received:

    The Medal of Honor! ! !
    You can see it on Netflix or on Youtube.
    Once you've seen a few episodes about, those real American heroes, then try to notice, what Donald Trump did to avoid military service.
    First he got 5 postponements and then he got his father, Fred Trump to pay a doctor, to give Donald Trump a medical statement, about how Donald Trump, should suffer from bone spurs.
    While other young brave American men, fought in the Vietnam War, Donald Trump danced around in his hometown New York and he even practiced several sports, while he actually should be suffering, from bone spurs ? ? ?
    The biggest scandal in all this Republican morass, is that ther in the Republican Party, are people, who do not obey or respect the oaths, that American soldiers have fought and died for, to obey and respect.
    In all other Western democratic countries, a man who lie, boast about himself, and deceive the American people, would be called what he is, namely a CHARLATAN and he would, because of all his lies, never cut be elected to a public office.
    Shame on all those Republican politicians, who dont do their job, to defend, not Donald Trump, but the Constitution of the US.

  37. RT America news reported this yesterday as Putin saved the Kurds

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