Saturday , January 23 2021
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Live: Winter Storm Moves Through New York City's Times Square

Watch a winter storm move through Times Square in New York City.

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nter Storm Moves Through New York City’s Times Square


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  1. That's a storm? More like a minor flurry!

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  3. Ye toh bhindi bazaar hain 😂😂

  4. Nothing better to do ???? 🤔

  5. I was waiting for something interesting to happen. Waste of 10 hours 🙄

  6. Go to Anthony Patch and YouTube for the breakdown of the covid vaccine that will change your DNA forever..

  7. Is this some significant purpose someone uploading 10 hours of this?

  8. What was there to dislike in this video? 😂

  9. The crooked mainstream media, refuses to do its job. ! In China's pocket.

  10. Please I'm from Chicago… We have 2 Seasons… Winter and Road Construction

  11. Everybody Knows, The Fake Medea Pretends Most People know little of the Election Fraud or the China Spy game. Everybody Knows. Pretending that few people know gives credibility to Joes Plausable Deniability… Puttin on the Ritz, Everybody Knows. ? © Dec 19/2020 ***1776********** ; = (War Dog), Everybody Knows. | <–Taco, Puttin on the Ritz.

  12. Dear weather Channel, please stop naming winter storms. 🤦

  13. 7:50:02 sounds like someone's eating a bag of chips in the background

  14. Looks like Utah got more than they did BUG DEAL waste of a video 👎👎👎👎👎👎☠️☠️☠️

  15. did you see that guy running naked across the street at the 4 hour mark?

  16. whats the point of this video?

  17. This is a storm? Fake news?

  18. Its winter in Florida at 80° im going to wear a scarf💪☃️🏂⛷️⛄🏊🌤️⛱️🌅🌇😎🌤️☀️🌞

  19. Enjoy the snow while the planet is still cold enough to allow it 😀

  20. There is a fundraiser campaign that is about to start on Indiegogo that will insure you don't have to take the vaccine and stops any further out breaks so look out for the Real-Habilitation project coming in 1-2 weeks or contact me for more information at
    For more information it is up to us to make action and not wait around on our governments because they have showed that they have a different agenda other than it's citizens

  21. Okay? It’s nothing new about it! We get snow every years.

  22. I wish we got christmas snow in Texas! 😭

  23. America and Trump were robbed.

  24. Winter storm? Obviously, if you believe that you have never been to Michigan 🤣

  25. Doesn't look like much snow, how much NYC get? 6-8 inches maybe.

  26. Be the children of the new planet earth. Become the ones you have been waiting for. It is that simple. You are changing the world today. Just today. Not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, so don’t pay yourself on the back because you did a great thing last week. Last week doesn’t exist. Now is important! Now is all that matters.

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