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Liz Cheney Addresses Calls To Remove Her From GOP Leadership

Speaking on the House floor, Rep. Liz Cheney spoke on efforts to remove her and called out former President Trump saying “we face a threat America has never seen before: A former president who provoked a violent attack on this Capitol in an effort to steal the election has resumed his aggressive effort to convince Americans that the election was stolen from him.”

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  1. Glad the RINO got kicked out.

  2. When you choose a former president over democracy than you don’t belong in this country.

  3. She is a RINO at best, and a spineless Democrat at worst

  4. I heavily disagree with a lot of liz cheyney's beliefs but at least she knows that the election wasn't stolen

  5. Have some of my oatmeal Liz.

  6. no republican that supports the removal of liz cheney can whine about cancel culture ever again rofl

  7. While I don’t support the Republican Party and I don’t agree with nearly any of their policies, this speech is powerful and I applaud Liz for sticking to her morals

  8. Liz Cheney I 👏 you for telling the truth . On these minions of Rip that still don't have a back bone . I am a dem my hat off to you Liz Cheney . That you know what democracy is good for you for standing up for the truth 👍.

  9. We all counted how many times Trump said Peaceful March…
    She is blowing smoke and will switch sides shortly ofcoarse. Dems are all done and God Bless America!

  10. Come on guys & gals let's DO IT. Let's make a full break with the TRUMPLICANS and form a 3rd party. I'm ready!!

  11. This is sad. Really sad.


  13. Just tell the truth!
    Republican "But, I will lose my power".
    That's okay, you will still have your dignity.
    Republican "But, what am I without my power?"

  14. My boy Trump gonna teach all American traitors a hard lesson

  15. Anyone who wants to validate their disdain for trumpers should read Wikipedia’s write up on final trump. That will be his laughable legacy

  16. Liz Cheney, a globalist like her father, a RHINO, a conformist to globalism and one world government, no responsibility to Making America Great Again, and only self interest. The attack on Capitol Hill was a Soros/BLM/ANTIFA job, blaming Trump does not make you a hero, except in fake news media!

  17. Good by Wicked Witch of the West

  18. Anyone who wants to save the USA from trumplicans should donate to Liz

  19. This speech has gotten her fired as of Wednesday 05/12/2021. The Republican party has decided to side with Trump and his election lies, going against the constitution.

  20. Not so fast.. Let's not fit her for wings and a halo just yet. She played a BIG role in getting her party where it is today. When will she admit the BS her father and W perpetrated on the world with the Iraq/WMD lie??? How many Americans were killed and wounded mentally and physically? She's doing the right thing here, but she's no saint!

  21. Way to go Liz! That took some big brass ones, none of which can be found on your male congress constituents.

  22. Sadly, this traitor forgets how the left called her father despicable names. She is now the darling of the left who miss Trump so much because they have absolutely nothing to talk about now. Biden's first 100 day's and we are in a disaster.

  23. The Republic is under attack!! Bye RINO

  24. She prayed
    for her self and not the working people of the USA

  25. ByE Felicia! R I N O trash!

  26. Trump will bring down the Republican Nazi GOP Party because just like Hitler did to germany in the 1930s he was there downfall and why they lost same similarities here everytime Trump interferes and opens his fat lieing mouth it's a monumental catastrophic mess for everybody to clean up in the end only this time it won't be Biden cleaning up the mess again it will be whatever is left of the GOP Nazi Party in disbelief again scratching there heads why did we do this again to ourselves

  27. Hold your head high Liz Cheney, you have bigger balls than all those sycophants in the sham of a party. I don't always agree with your politics but you got my respect 👏 👏👏

  28. one rino down. good riddence. the dominos are starting to fall.

  29. Republicans have really lost there minds. Sad

  30. I’m not a fan, but good for you sticking up to your party’s wannabe dictator.

  31. In wyoming here we have another possible snake with senator lummis, I remember her disgust elitist attitude toward tea party just a few years ago. She has lost a husband since then, so maybe she has changed, but need eye kept on her, lummis kinda ushered Liz in.

  32. Hey Liz! You're fired!!

  33. Never forget, Epstein killed himself with a rag at the exact moment all the cameras glitched out and all the guards were simultaneously taking emergency bathroom breaks. Also, Joe Biden legitimately received the most votes in the history of American elections. Also, the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a good reason to invade Vietnam. Also: Tower 7 fell instantly because of fire, Flight 93 vaporized in Shanksville, no footage or wreckage exists from Flight 77 hitting The Pentagon, molten steel pouring out of the towers had nothing to do with thermite found in ground zero dust samples, Iraq had WMDs, and Bin Laden is sleeping with the fishes. Aaaaand we haven't gone to the moon since 1972 because 'been there done that.'

  34. This is what the Republican Party needed and they kicked her out? All because they have became a cult and they worship Cheeto man and everything he says and does sadly. The Republican Party once was a respectable party, no more.

  35. She should’ve just switch to democrat. The team and people who put you in that position don’t want you! You got released that’s it!!

  36. I am not a republican but I respect her tenacity

  37. I don't like Liz Cheney's politics, and I don't support her ideas, but that speech was AMAZING!!!!!!!! She's a hardcore conservative, but she's RIGHT!!!!!! She also should've added in "If that had been Hillary Clinton…."

  38. Oh Liz! What will your daddy think of you now???

  39. The party that cries about cancel culture every day, just did it and they act like nothing. Cheney should become an Independent.

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