Loch Ness Monster hunters launch massive search to foster new interest

NBC News’ Matt Bradley dives into the search for the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland as organizers put together a search for the creature to educate a younger generation on the legend and showcase conservation technology.

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Loch Ness Monster hunters launch massive search to foster new interest

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  1. No dna testing of water samples? We do it all the time. Could definitely isolate an unknown sequence if it us present.

  2. Hardly doubt this thing is still alive

  3. Are they sure it's not just Joy Behar going for a swim?

  4. I actually believe in mythical creature like Nessie I wanna find her myself apart of me thinks she can turn invisible underwater and hide from radar sensors and that's apart of why no one can find her or effects the mind to think she isn't there

  5. They didn't get the notice? Nessie moved to Norway after Brexit….😅😅😅

  6. They didn't find the monster? What a surprise..🤣🤣🤣

  7. All this money and resources for nothing. Sad.

  8. Im from NOrway and we have Seljordsormen. A creature seen many times by locals aroun Seljordsvannet. There are a couple of photos taken from a chopper above the waters.. showing not one but two enromous creatures swimming away from the chopper..like a pike in the water near the surface swimming fast and moving vast amount of water. Maybe they hybernate and are only seen during spawn time..

  9. If there's any underwater caves in the loch whatsoever that's where he'll be guaranteed 👍… they should scuba dive to check em out

  10. Everything going on in the world and they spending money looking for fake monsters.

  11. A, PR sensation is to promote the hoax to fool the simple-minded travelers. Nothing in UK is worth for anything. When a desperation time is coming, the Brits would have no problem to survive on their hoaxes.

  12. The world has gotten too small for people to believe in this kinda junk anymore, its a fun Halloween story but the guy who took the photo and admitted its fake, the entire Loch has been scanned with 3d imagers and satellites and surprise no sign of a giant dinosaur anywhere.

  13. This people still living in a yellow submarine. What a joke. The guy that took that pic admitted before he died that his pic was a fake one, but we all are a Hollywood product and we like to live in a fantasy world.

  14. Thats been talked about for hundreds of years & I can believe that something large was in there at one point…

    but unless it had a huge amount of offspring (in which case there would have been multiple sightings or even part of a body floating), its been dead for many, many years.

  15. How about you do an actual bonafide scientific story instead of inflaming unfounded rumours?

  16. They must be running out of news

  17. I don't believe the Loch Ness monster exists but I wouldn't mind a few days of cruising through a pretty body of water like that!

  18. Brian L. Roberts owns Comcast. These are propaganda stations. Dictated by one man’s opinion just like Rubert Murdock. Cornell West for President 2024.

  19. Love ken gerhard. Hes the real deal. Wish these guys all the luck. That old glacier loch is definitaly holding some 20 foot sturgeon, huge wells, eels, or landlocked sea animals.

  20. Ok now talk about the BRICS nations….🙄

  21. Please stop pushing conspiracy theories.

  22. To me it looks like a heavy set person doing the breast stroke.