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London Adventures, Sky Garden Yoga & Huge Mail Unboxing! | Fashion Mumblr Vlogust

A Busy & Fun few days! Adventures in London; pampering in Harvey Nichols, Blog Events, Mail Unboxing and Yoga at Sky Garden!

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  1. Oh wow you got Lush!! I love Lush's soaps, body creams, scrubs, facial products and bath bombs! They use pure essential oils and smell intoxicatingly lovely.

  2. Eeeeekkkkk the sky garden!!! Thank you for taking us with you. What a beautiful view of the city. And the Starbucks and treats. Yummy yuuumy. Totally worth the wait.

    My daughter and I r thankful u were bold during the weird looks while on the streets of London because the flowers 🌺 were lovely.

    What a fun 🚴🏼🚴🏼‍♀️ spin class. It looked very hard. I just have to share a funny story. One time in Spin class my watch said I Burnt almost 800 calories and I was soooo excited I ran up after class to share the amazing news w the instructor. The instructor politely told me to looook at the puddle of sweat 💦 under the bike NEXT to mine and told me he didn't want me to be disappointed but he thought I picked up the calorie burn from the gentleman beside me on my spin bike 🚴🏼 "the puddle guy" 🤣⭐️😊🤣😂 ooooh well it made for a goood laugh and I had no idea!!! A person could actually pick up another persons calorie burn.

  3. Your reaction to the mouthwash was so hilarious!!!

  4. You and Charlie are so cute together! 🙂

  5. OMG…..all those products for free!!…..what a life you lead!!!!!

  6. I cannot believe what you get sent! =D That's ridiculous! If you ever need to get rid of anything, you've got a happy taker here =)xx

  7. Your life is so perfect god bless u

  8. Hi Josie, i love your channel so much! I was wondering if you could tell me where your sunglasses, jacket and neckless is from in your first outfit. It would be amazing if you could link all your clothing after every video! Wish you all the best and hope your channel continues to grow! x x

  9. Yes he should !!!!! He has so much presence, go for it Charlie

  10. Josie, it's refreshing to watch you because you are so positive. For example, how you handled not making your nail appointment at Harvey Nichols and then not receiving the outfit in time from Asos.

  11. Hi Josie, I have the same question as MissLuxe74, where or how do you store all of your blogger mail.

  12. You and Charlie are such a good couple! ❤

  13. Can you please do a 'What I wear to workout' video!!??

  14. My goodness I am so hooked on your videos! I've been watching you for quite a while now and thoroughly enjoy them.
    I was just wondering where your workout top and trainers were from!? thanks x

  15. PS love Charlie and watching you both together👍

  16. Hi JosieLove your vlogs and blogs and I am currently hooked on your vlogs. However, whilst you are doing a wonderful job this is the first time I have seen you offer a giveaway to your viewers which is great but what would be even better is if you did this more often as I am sure there is no way you can use all of these items yourself and also by doing this you are also helping out the numerous companies that send you these freebies as it will mean that your subscribers will go out and buy them and also tell their friends. Obviously this is entirely up to you and just a thought from my point of view. Great vlog and very enjoyable.😀

  17. Yes do a Charlie and Dexter channel as you'll be amazing! what a duo! 😎🐶💪💛

  18. I'd paused to write my comment then carried on, and saw you did a giveaway…doh!! 😉

    But if you have storage ideas etc to share I'd still be interested xx

  19. Out of genuine interest…….you appear to get quite alot of vlogger mail, how do you go about finding places for it all, I guess, manage your storage of it all. I struggle with just bits that I buy, I have no idea where I would put all the stuff on your bed xx

  20. Love your vids! Where is your hoodie from that you are wearing on your way to yoga!? X

  21. Really really want to do yoga at the sky garden it looks so good! Loved this vlog! 😀

  22. love your vlogs, keep the good work! 🙂 also it would be amazing if you could tell us more about your outfits in the description box of your vlogs, you style is so inspiring! cheers from France xx

  23. Loving vlogust only 13 days till my birthday !!!! Xx

  24. Love love love the vlogs, I watched the whole thing! It's so nice to watch your videos in the morning while I eat breakfast 😀

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