Thursday , May 13 2021
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Long Grocery Lines As Americans Scramble For Supplies Amid Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC Nightly News

Anxious shopping has led to the shortage of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and soap. In some stores, freezer sections and fresh meats have been cleaned out, but the nation’s largest grocery chains assured Americans that they are restocking.
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Long Grocery Lines As Americans Scramble For Supplies Amid Coronavirus Outbreak | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Jesus Christ is the only true answer everyone.

  2. Then you got dumb customers trying to talk to cashier's after their transaction is done about the virus, holding up the line. Some cashier they never seen before.

  3. Why are these dirty beast still in large crowds?

  4. STOP hoarding toilet paper you idiots..
    Stop Panic buying. There is no shortage of anything except maybe hand sanitizer and masks there is no food shortage so stop Panic buying

  5. We are not running out off food. My brother works at distribution center. People are just hording.

  6. Toilet paper in America is equal to cash now. Worth more than gold. You can use it in exchange goods instead of money.

  7. Please calm down people this is way too out of control.

  8. Meanwhile there’s still a whole pile of Scott’s tissue on the shelves at most stores…

  9. I blame the media and the pathetic sheep that give into the fear of their coronavirus news. How pathetic people can be.


  11. I would love to work at Walmart because I'm 12 and I don't want to get money if they don't want to I want to help restored the food and stuff if any Walmart people want to hire me even if in 12 why not kids. Can help too

  12. remember buy some water because the virus maybe in it

  13. The virus is on your dinner plate, log on to amen donni YouTube, and learn the truth!!! 👑

  14. Went to Safeway and there was plenty of toilet paper just no hand sanitizer which I don’t care about as I wash my hands a lot.
    Got meat, veggies and other stuff.
    No shortage here.

  15. So much for "social distancing!"

  16. When they tell you not to panic time to panic lol

  17. It is time to throw out the old stuffs …😃👍

  18. Imagine waking up from a 5-year coma and seeing this. Yeah I think I'll come back in a couple more years.

  19. Never in the life I thought someone will ask me that question 1.05 😂😂

  20. What is going on? Why are people buying all the food and what is corna virus?!?

  21. our grocery is full, it is closing down because no one is buyinh..sigh

  22. omg what a stupied people

  23. This only proves one thing Americans are more afraid of their own feces than the covid 19 virus

  24. Won't they be surprised when they reveal Covid 19 is caused by toilet paper hoarding

  25. Trump and company are acting like Democratic Socialists. I am not complaining. People count we are in this country to support each other, all of us.

  26. Grocery stores and other establishments seeing an uptick in buying of essentials should have limits on the most sought after items. They should turn it into either a lottery where numbers are placed into a bin and drawn, or the first X amount of people in line get their chance to go into the store and get no more than 1-2 of each essential item (that is being monitored and distributed by employees/management). Don't put the essentials on the floor. Keep the disinfectants, cleaning supplies, paper products and water in an area of the store and have people come in a line and get their 1-2 items per household. Only let in the established X amount of people at a time and the rest can wait outside. Cut off access into the parking lots if the lines in the store or outside waiting to get in are too long. Limit other food items to a cap of 3-4 per household. I have seen people buying like 30 cans of soup, 12 cases of water and 8 stacks of meat. You will still have those that will try and cheat the system and have multiple family members or friends buy separately to get more of these items.

    Another possibility could have been that once they realized that magnitude of panic buying that was happening, companies could have implemented traceable technology that allows all inventory to be updated and viewed in real time on a website or an app. You can see locations that still have the item and quantity available or if an item is completely out of stock. There should be an ability to see when new shipments are coming in. No reserving of items, just real time tracking of inventory to not waste your time in line if you need specific products. And cap the amount a single household can buy to 1 or 2 per day to give people a fighting chance of obtaining supplies!!!! Have households scan their ID card or Driver License (maybe create a store specific card that is tied to a single home address so that only 1 street address is allowed a card no matter how many people live in the household). Use a system like this to trace and track household buying so it stays in the 1-2 essential items and 3-4 food cap per day. Most people are unemployed or working from home. They can go a different day and get more, if necessary, just not buy up 10 of this item 1 day and 20 the next, etc.

  27. Don't work for the food that perishes, but work for food that gives eternal life. Jesus is the bread of life whoever comes to Him will never be hungry, whoever believes in Him will never be thirsty.

  28. Also queuing at Gunshops for Ammo….. No matter the crisis Guns and Ammo sales always Sky Rocket

  29. He protecc
    He also attacc
    But most importantly,
    he gets toilet paper to the rack 0:16

  30. I need to win I have a lot of personal my life I will love to fex my house

  31. I ways here playing am a big fan!!!!


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