Saturday , July 24 2021
Home / News / Looser Gun Restrictions Go Into Effect In Texas After Deadly Mass Shootings | NBC Nightly News

Looser Gun Restrictions Go Into Effect In Texas After Deadly Mass Shootings | NBC Nightly News

The new laws, signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in June, will make it easier for Texans to have guns in schools, places of worship, foster homes where children live and apartments.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Looser Gun Restrictions Go Into Effect In Texas After Deadly Mass Shootings | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Record mass shootings
    No one ever
    America let’s loosen gun control 🤣

  2. 42% of households in America own guns. 30% of Americans are gun owners. <5 million are NRA members. No matter how you work the numbers, the majority will decide. Either people find a way to stop the Slaughter of Our American Families, Wives, Mothers, Little Kids, Boys and Girls, That are Killed by Semiautomatic, High Capacity weapons, Adults WILL MAKE A DECISION. And the Adults are by far in the majority.

  3. thats it ! shoot your way out of the problem. 😂😂😂😂USA getting more dumb by the second. 😂😂😂

  4. Ahh yes, well all know to put out a fire we feed the fire more wood and set more fires. Makes total sense!

  5. This is so stupid! You will have more mass shootings. More guns is not safer! NRA is a Terrorist Organization that only seeks to sell guns they dont care to who!

  6. Can’t make this stuff up. Welcome to the United States bought and paid for by the NRA.


  8. How can you defend your self if the shooter is the only one with a gun great idea now you can shoot back at the racist coward

  9. People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both. Benjamin Franklin

  10. I get all my current event needs met at this channel. Thanks nbc news!

  11. The news is nothing but deep state propaganda now. 🤦‍♂️

  12. Switzerland, Islael these are the countries where their citizens have guns, even machine guns. It looks like they don't have this kind of problem. Yes we need some laws on gun control. I can give up my gun too but after the government guarantees the bad ones don't have guns.

  13. If you think things can't get worse, watch this play out.

  14. I remember watching a stabbing or a shooting on youtube and in the comment section somone said I wish they would try this in texas because they wouldn't make it ten feet before they got shot I guess that person was wrong

  15. okay. let me get this straight. you can store guns, on school property.
    imagine all the school shooters. they walk into the principal's room, steal the guns and wow

  16. Gonna move to Texas and become a mortician.

  17. Gonna move to Texas and become a mortician.

  18. There are already guns out there so the best solution is having less strict laws for law abiding citizens. My rifle collects dust behind my bed frame but I carry my pistol everywhere even in ''gun free zones''. What would I look like walking up to a place seeing a sign, turning around and taking my belt off in the parking lot, putting the gun under the seat, and putting the belt back on? Liberal pacifist mindset gets people killed because even if they are anti-gun, doesn't mean no guns exist.

  19. Blame the heat & ger over with it as usual geniuses!

  20. Glad I live here in Texas. Less glad that all the leftists move here and try to change it.

  21. Let's tell it like it is: Gov. Greg Abattoir will leave a legacy of death due to his determination to loosen gun restrictions. So, Mr. Abattoir, stop whining about how tired you are of hearing about deaths because you've ensured there will be many more.

  22. Where is Bernhard Goetz when you need him. He would taken out the bad guys

  23. You turn U.S to a war zone human mind is fragile can change by just one push and they do such evil things as take other lives.
    Look at it in bible when god create adam and eve he didn't give them weapon it never. Human never suppose to have weapons, they go against god words and eat the apple, have knowlegde and created weapons.

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