Saturday , July 24 2021
Home / News / Lori Loughlin Appears At Hearing In College Admissions Cheating Scandal | NBC Nightly News

Lori Loughlin Appears At Hearing In College Admissions Cheating Scandal | NBC Nightly News

Loughlin and her fashion designer husband, Mossimo Giannulli, are accused of agreeing to pay $500,000 to a fake charity to help get their two daughters into the University of Southern California. Both have pleaded not guilty.
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Lori Loughlin Appears At Hearing In College Admissions Cheating Scandal | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Please remember the black lady that was homeless and used her uncles address and she spent 5 years in jail for this. So it’s time America sends a message and she needs to do 5 years in prison!! This white privileged at its best!!!!

  2. I'm still trying to figure out what laws were broken can anybody else help me out with this a college is a privately-run Institution

  3. Abominable ungodly lawless family.

  4. She'll throw a white girl tantrum to the right or white ppl and she'll be good …
    No jail time a lite fine a dont do it again …

  5. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

  6. Belive nothing propaganda news USA has to say. Hide facts tell half truth. Trash news

  7. I hope they get a decade and frozen assets.

  8. She's guilty of bribing the WRONG people.

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  10. These fines are a joke. She’ll be fine. 😂

  11. Aunt Becky would make good lez Chow in prison

  12. We need to make an example of the rich people you can’t get away with everything the middle class is not going to pay for your mistakes

  13. Whatever judge gets assigned to this case better be moral and not one of those judges that can be paid off as so many federal judges are!😡

  14. horrible people- nasty daughter. Pig's.

  15. They are Democrats what did you expect

  16. Why is it so difficult for NBC to post the news the day after? it's 8/28 ad the last posting was the news on 8/26..other networks seem to manage and post on a timely manner….my favorite anchor but I can easily go elsewhere….FRANKLY I find this in 2019 quite pathetic!

  17. Why she dressed like a Gramma??And no Botox?? And dragging the little guy like a puppy down the street ,,Money got them into it,and it shouldn't get them out of it,and taking no responsibility?

  18. I can't believe they had the nerve to plead not guilty when there is so much evidence against them. They are going to regret that.

  19. Meanwhile back at home in the mansion in Cali olivia wants to party.

  20. We don’t want a sorry 😐 The rich is not above the law.

  21. The reporter needs to remember to say years in prison; no years in jail. There is a big difference.

  22. good. Let the thing stay behind bars. She earned it!!!!

  23. The elite rich think they are entitled and rules, regulations and the law don’t apply to them. They are better than others less fortunate and deserve special treatment. These criminals broke the law and the consequences of their actions are punishable PERIOD. Hit em where it hurts, their bank account.

  24. Wonder why she's not smiling now. Gee…she should have pleaded guilty ….pleading not guilty now will go to a trial…scary!!!

  25. I don't see Lori waving or with the stupid smile today justice has to be served

  26. the family that lies and cheats together need to go to prison together for four years

  27. Lori Loughlin & her Target clothier Mossimo are so ARROGANT.
    They were busted. Say sorry & do your time.

  28. What about the Clinton kid and Obama’s kids Fredo had preschool grades but went to the finest school. If heads are going to rool then let them all roll.

  29. Asian kids are working hard to get to prestigious University, and all that extra barrier exclusively put for them. Then there are these rich white girls and their mama who bought their daughter's way to these University.

  30. They should be tarred & feathered.

  31. If she is found not guilty shell get money back from Hallmark?

  32. They both deserve jail – the wealthy should be treated the same as everybody else!!!

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