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Lori Loughlin back in court for alleged participation in college admissions scheme l ABC News

Lawyers for the actress and her husband, Massimo Giannulli, said the couple didn’t give money to specific individuals, but directly to the university and its athletics department. READ MORE:

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  1. I feel sorry for both of them and their daughters, but! Theirs that big but, u can’t tell the whole world u did not know what u were doing for 500,000. Another out is just pay off the judge and jury, it won’t cost u so much. I’m sure u both have discussed this idea. And when their is no REMORSE, JUST COME OUT AND SIGN AUTOGRAPHS. WELL THAT TELLS IT ALL,! I give the other people 100% of my feelings and the world, because they showed REMORSE, THEY SHOULD GET OFF EASY, BUT NO, MY OPINION DOES NOT MEAN DIDILY SQUAT BUT IM NOT JUDGE OR JURY, ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE, so good luck, I’ll pray for u both, that’s more then u would ever do for me if I was in the same situation!! But I see BARS,!! For u Lori, I hope I’m wrong! Hallmark you’ll never see again!!

  2. She's rich, she'll go free.
    There's laws for the poor.
    Different laws for the rich.


  4. Then u wonder why the country is soooooo fkd up
    1 has so much $$ & some looking for their next 🥘 meal just 2 stay alive!!!!!!!! I believe wholeheartedly there will be a revolution in this country & it will be ugly .

  5. Her ass need some time in jail being that you didn’t wanna take a deal you wanna waste tax payers dollars for something you know you did

  6. Even if convicted, no Judge is going to give Aunt Becky 40 years. I bet she won’t even spend a day in jail.

  7. What a narcissist, this woman and her husband both are…they thought that their kids were better than the kids who actually worked hard to earn a spot on the rowing team….she looks EXACTLY like who she is…an aging, anorexic woman who is married to an effeminate, now 'has been' of a man, and they have the AUDACITY to continue with this charade!

  8. I really hope that they go to jail, but in all honesty I think Lori may have already served enough of a sentence by having to star in so many Hallmark Movies. Then again if she was able to handle that, then she can handle a few decades in the slammer.

  9. They're both dirty. Verdict: jail time in general population.

  10. Aunt Becky isn't smiling anymore

  11. WOW Just imagine what's waiting for Donald Trump and family members once he gets evicted from the White Supremacy House. Finally stepping out of the w house will be renamed to

  12. I see in the tabloids that Aunt Becky is sad that her friends are distancing themselves from her. Friends come and go. Friendship is based on having similar life experiences, similar ethics, similar morals, and similar values.  

    Friends found out Aunt Becky is a cheat when she got caught red handed by the feds. Not only is Aunt Becky a cheat, but Aunt Becky is doubling down that she did nothing wrong. Now all of sudden Aunt Becky has nothing ini common with her old friends. So why would they want to be her friend anymore? Birds of a feather, do flock together. Don't be too surprised if Trump pardons her and her husband before all this is over.

  13. Cheats lie again and again to get ahead.

  14. She staged a photo shoot for her daughters faking playing crew. The bitch knew what she doing lol

  15. 40 years behind bars ??? Holy shit

  16. Did they think their kids were not smart enough on own to get into a college?

  17. Send her and her cheating husband to jail. Stupid is as stupid does. They're guilty and they got caught seeking special favors and treatment.

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