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Lori Loughlin 'panicking' before court appearance: Report | ABC News

People magazine reports the actress is “panicking behind closed doors” and “obsessing over every detail” of her case ahead of her next court appearance in the “Varsity Blues” scandal.

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  1. She is no Jody Travis (Edge of Night).

  2. Ha ha ha Cheaters look good in porn

  3. Looks good on her, Another Hollywood elite who has ruined her life, Too bad, so sad! She is such an ID10T…

  4. She did the crime, she should do the time, case closed. Why is that such a difficult concept for many to grasp?

  5. I laugh at how all yall judge but most of yall have done shit that you supposed to be arrested for but got away with it
    many of yall stole from your own parents, grand parents, schools and shops but here you going on as if you so innocent.

    some of yall even steal men and even destroy families but yall have the biggest mouths.

    im sure many of yall are hiding cousins guilty of murder.

  6. Why would Lori Loughlin be panicking…..We all know she's "ABOVE THE LAW" like the so many "MOVERS, SHAKERS, MONEY MAKERS, AND POLITICAL TAKERS"………

  7. She's regretful but proclaiming her innocence…riigghhtt. She's REGRETFUL that she GOT CAUGHT.

  8. I hope she gets a decent jail sentence. Shouldnt the girls be charged with aiding and abetting, after all, it was done for them don't tell me they were not told about it and to go along with it.

  9. I think people wouldve cut her some slack if she pleaded guilty like Felicity. Shes a real one for being honest about her wrong doing. But how dare you lie and then lie even more to cover that lie? None of them seem bothered running around like they have OJ’s lawyer lol

  10. she shouldve told her daughter to stay away from instagram. Regardless of why she did the middle finger and tagged different online paps she shouldnt have done it during trial. People can take that and twist it in their own ways cuz right now it sounds like she says saying fuck u and everything that happen like she could care less and then to put be kind in her bio is stupid. I dont know if its true that she wants to go back to school but if she does it would be better off if she went to a regular university not back to the same school she scammed her way into. Besides she said it 50 times she hates school so why even want to go back?

  11. We need to lock up all the people that donate to college endowments.

  12. Why Aunt Becky? dammit! 😫 I would expect this from Sarah Palin

  13. I thought Varsity Blues scandal was about watching a movie at work

  14. If she didn't know she was breaking the law than why fake photos and lie. She's so full of sh*t.

  15. I wonder how her and her daughters will pay for lawyers during the appeals. Lawyers drain you quick. Will I be seeing them in the "mother and daughter section" of certain websites?

  16. Too little too late… I have more respect for Huffman. She admitted to it and ready to bite the bullet. This chick still thinks her entitled self didnt do anything wrong.

  17. I hope she rots in prison. And her slutty daughter needs to be stuffed in a bag.

  18. But she didn't stolen anybody. She paid this with her money. The corruption was for the university.

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