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Lori Loughlin's daughter shares Instagram message on 'Varsity Blues' scandal l ABC News

Olivia Jade Giannulli, 19, flipped off the camera with both hands in an Instagram post in response to media coverage of the college admissions scandal.

#GMA #LoriLoughlin #VarsityBlues #CheatingScandal


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  1. Damn..they look like,
    Could be mistaken as
    Their older sister.

  2. Kick them both out of college and put them in prison…

  3. Are flipping off the hardworking student you stole the scholarship from?

  4. Yeah well who says she wasnt hired because her parents paid them or the fact of who her parents are she obviously isnt ugly but she's not very inteligent and she's not really drop dead gorgeous it seems like the only thing both daughters have going for them are their famous rich parents. Who says miney can't buy what you want in life. Like they say money talks snd bulls##t walks.

  5. Oh Olivia, you are beyond classless, clueless, and a F****ng criminal. Like Mommy and Daddy. You piece of garbage should be working in a homeless shelter in skid row downtown LA for a year to get a f****ng clue. You are entitled to nothing…..NOTHING. Please go away forever you spoiled piece of white trash.

  6. shes a female justin bieber

  7. It wouldbt be so bad if she didnt act like gettninto that achool meant ABSOLUTELY NOTHING… Spoiled brat.

  8. The fact that celebrities are encouraging it is sad too!! “Go off sis!”
    This spoiled bitch screwed a lot of hard working people off!

  9. Why haven't the daughters been charged they must have known how could they go along with the ruse that they were sportspersons.


  11. Lori Loughlin can hang that picture of her daughter in her prison cell

  12. This girl is such an idiot!!!

  13. This crap is why theedia won't leave you al9ne. Stop giving the media reasons to talk about you.

  14. She must want her mother locked up, not a good look for someone who is going to court. Um, try to look or (act) remorseful, even if your not.

  15. Checked off, done: Put on T-shirt with black people on it before taking photo to try and show that my rich white super privileged ass isn't racist.

  16. I didn't even know Olivia knew anything about giving the finger. I'm sure their parents never taught her anything like that.

  17. Lori is being treated worse than weinsteinb

  18. Oj should watch what she says. Courts don’t like attitude. Grow up, show some class.

  19. Her daughter is so stupid she had to bribe to get her into a college she had no business being in and all her class tests altered. She had better luck getting her in special education for the learning disabled

  20. Jade literally has the biggest sized head… Holy Sh*t how does her body hold that HUGE HEAD… Wow!

  21. Mommy and daddy are going to the slammer, honey. And, btw, you’re not that hot.

  22. Isn't she precious? All her deals dead. Flipping off, what class. Money would of been more appreciated if for breasts implants for the little darling. Aunt Becky washing dishes, doing laundry and making license plates? Oh Lord how cruel can it get?

  23. I think the prosecution of the case should blow up a life-size poster of her message and leave it standing in the court room during their whole trial so the jury can see the attitude of the family towards society and hard-working individuals that try without monetary ability to pursue a fair and honest college education !

  24. Olivia Jade 3:16 says: I'M A DUMB WHORE LIKE MY MOM.

  25. Mommee n dadee. Maybe going bye bye……

  26. Lol stupid little tramp ! Glad her future prospects for fame are lost

  27. She comes off as an entitled little jerk.

  28. Spoiled brats and wealthy parents who think they are above the law-hope they get the wake up call they deserve.

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