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Lori Loughlin's family described as 'in chaos' in new report l ABC News

Plus, Loughlin’s “Fuller House” co-star Bob Saget described his continued support of Loughlin to Fox News, saying, “I don’t cut people out.”

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  1. I’m praying she gets the maximum sentence

  2. Who cares that she's upset? What about are the hard working students who lost out places in college that they actually deserved? What about the stress they went through? And now she's playing the victim and claiming to be a scapegoat? Has she just got no conscience? This just makes me angry😤

  3. Her kids should be expelled and loose all credits. College place should be earned which they cheated to get in by cheating on placement tests. Not fair to those who didn’t cheat to get in or those who never got in.

  4. I'd like to give lori a good spanking 👋 she's still hot 🤩

  5. Fuck them. Stuck up spoiled brats. Could have made a deal.
    We are suppose to care that there worried? Assholes

  6. the arrogance of these people, hope they all get the 40 years in jail including the kids who participated in this crime. Give how little price all others are getting I'd like to see them get the full 40 years

  7. Seriously hope she is innocent, but straight bribing to send your spoiled princesses to a "good" school. That's a bunch of BS! 'Beautiful' & 'rich' is a bunch of garbage! Once you learn that ugly inner side of somebody, truely shows how replusive they truely are. I'm not calling myself a saint, but it's not right to judge on looks, & money. Working hard, because you're the best at what you do, should be. If those girls weren't athletic enough, smarten them spoiled bitches up through education! Cut some of their money ties off. Like holy shit, you can't help somebody, that refuses to help themselves. I'm sorry to say, but if that's the case. You can help somebody out for soooooo long! (Example/Not talking about Lori anymore) They refuse to hold down a job, & take care of their own kids. Expects 1's parents to do it for them, whilst the brother-in-law is paying all the bills (me), while the jobless wife & husband sit on their asses & watch hulu or sleep all day. Then you (me) come home from a hard day at work, & the house is trashed. Literally trash everywhere! Dishes piled up in the sink. They had a really hard day sitting there on their butts being depressed about having to look for a job. So sad! Boo fucking hoo. Quits every job they get. Anyways back to Lori, the lesson is if your children are uneducated, smarten them up 1st, in this case, they were not athletically trained, that's where she fucked up! If you're going send your kids to a good school through an athletic achievement, at least get them trained & ready, heh?

  8. Oh well, what about the woman that got 5 years for using a different adress so her children could go to a better school, I dont feel sorry for her. White privilege.

  9. It’s pretty appalling the gall this woman has. $500,000 bribe? She deserves jail.

  10. Please lol what a joke all this is the lowlifes have so much money there very rich lowlife lawyers are going to get them off big time look and see and they are white ….

  11. HAHAHA! Something ELSE those invincible Hollyhoodies can't hate on Trump about. GOOD! Weepers keep his campaigns, and electoral-college chart amped up. Lori's in quite a shock she's not so ambitious to ace a real justice system as she gave into instinctively, eh?

  12. she And her family Have Unattractive faces.

  13. She should have taken the deal, she's be nearly out of jail by now. The penalty will be steep now and very costly. There's no 'jury of her peers' to be had and the people on the jury won't be in her favor.

    Lastly. We all know how to say the word 'tough', right? Well Loughlin is said like that, with an F sound for the gh, not a K sound. At least get her name right.

  14. She took the spot of one bottom of the barrel applicant who would have been the last to make the cut.

  15. Maybe her daughter would have been accepted on her own. If they pay the tuition and her daughter passes her classes, then why shouldn't she be able to continue earning her worthless degree, like everyone else at that school?

  16. Bribes are only acceptable if you call it "lobbying"

  17. Boohoo she's near a break down? So are a lot of people but they didn't break the law. And they don't have a few million to spread around. Give me a break.

  18. They should be upset & I. Chaos. What they did is so offensive to everyone else.
    What an example is she setting for her daughters ???
    Cheat steal anything to get ahead!!!! Omg! Scapegoat
    R u kidding me. My son busted his butt gave up fun & free time to do work & community service, & internships to get into early decision of his choice ! He did it on his own merit! & his friends! All by doing hard work just doing the right thing. Teach that to your kids ! Not buying your way in shame on all of them

  19. Boo hooo…. breaking point Lori huh? Deal with it!!

  20. We all want what’s best for our kids but we don’t do illegal behavior for them. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. You reap what you sow.

  21. I hope she gets prison time. She is such a dumbass bitch!

  22. Why weren't they charged with tax evasion and tax fraud taking that $500k off their taxes as a donation?

  23. Awww poor rich girl grew up white privlaged pretty everything given to her and it still was not enough greed is a hell of a drug

  24. Hey, leave her alone. Put her in prison for a few years and leave her alone

  25. These one month sentences hardly even deter anyone from doing the same. Meanwhile Hillary does no time. Ridiculous.

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