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Lose Fat in 20 Minutes: Weight Loss Workout

Here is a weight loss workout that’s sure to get your metabolism running and your heart pumping! This is a 20-min weight loss workout that will surely burn all your excess body fats and tone your muscles to give you a healthy body and a great physique!

There are tons of cardio routines in this video so you’re sure to not only feel the burn but see it on your body as well!

Do this on a daily basis if you can but if not, you can do this 3-4x a week to see amazing results. Good luck and let’s get started!

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  1. i did this for 1 week and i lost alot of fat. tyyyy

  2. These are sooooo helpful Thank you so much for these❤️❤️ How many pounds can you lose if you do this everyday for a month?

  3. Does these are effective? someone did this?

  4. Can I know how many calories you lose when completing the workout?

  5. melhor canal ,exercícios concluído 😘

  6. Is this work for water retention?

  7. Heal pain 5 month help making video

  8. its a very best tutorial to lose weight

  9. Plz tell me in one week how much i burn my fat plz

  10. So I weight 180 pounds of how much days does I have to do this workout)

  11. Amazing exercise vedios.not hard.not very easy but i can do your's exercise. Now i am subscribe ur channel..plz give the exercise name in the description box

  12. Best combination of excersises. I really appreciate your work

  13. Yessss successfully completed the workout Alihamdulilah l love it coz of too much sweating masha Allah

  14. I got a shape by this workout,🔥🔥Thanks alot

  15. If i am at a height of 4 11 ad my age is 15, what do you think is the appropriate weight?

  16. Oh man that made me sweat a lot

  17. I’m trying to lose like one pound a week or something ugh it’s hard I mean three

  18. Completed finally 😩😩🙌

  19. Hello ..😙👍👏💪😂😉😀

  20. Kindly make video on increasing bust size naturally ,with in one week pls

  21. Hi Roberta's Gym. It is really difficult for me to do all these exercises I start feeling pain, tired and start sweating a lot. I weight 85kg age 24 and also have thyroid. Is that okay ? Need not to worry ?

  22. Would you please suggest exercises on How to lose arm fat without gaining muscle. l like ur videos very much.They are very effective

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