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Lou Dobbs reacts to Biden reminiscing on memories with the leader of China

During a swearing in ceremony President Joe Biden discussed fond memories he had with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Typical of Fox to mislead people in what actually happened. Nothing "fond" about what Biden said.

  2. Lou tell them how China’s economy expanded while America’s economy shrunk in 2020 under Trump. The trade deficit grew too. Yelling about problems isn’t a solution

  3. Beijing Biden will give in to China and give them everything they want idiots in the White House

  4. He is a Traitor to our country!

  5. Lou Cobb’s you are a bigger liar then t rump.

  6. Facebook is removing every Lou Dobbs broadcast I share.

  7. Is this the same China that Trump wanted to collude with?
    Trump “”China should investigate Biden”
    Yeah that’s the one

  8. Whose the CCP Body Guard Biden has now?

  9. SHAME on you that word should've been FREEDOM but that would have ended the dinner quickly

  10. Possibilities????? He thought was profound.. omg 😒 so many possibilities to steal money from the America people.

  11. Oh, Possibilities in deed, lots of billionaire possibilities

  12. “Possibilities” – he was referring to China’s possibilities in the US under Biden’s presidency.

  13. "I swear to God Trump's working with the Russians"—-Kevin McCarthy

  14. Where’s Sidney Powell? She’s been awful quiet lately…

  15. Lou Dobbs? More like Lou Bobbs when Trump walks into the room…

  16. Dobbs is the new Klan leader

  17. 422,187 deaths 25,290,070 covid cases, 3000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after the WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after the shutdown.

  18. Seriously, what is wrong with Lou Dobbs? Did they drop him on his head? Is he too sad?

  19. China Joe has already sold out the USA

  20. UNITED STATES OF CHINA…It just sounds bad…

  21. A stolen election is stolen freedoms

  22. Worships the enemy doesn't he? I guess if I helped my family make that much money, I would be that way too.

  23. Hey biden, your Chinese friend is in the process of genocide against a group of his own people that believe something different then their own government ideology. So, you claim to be this great social justice warrior (by the way, that is a term you guys on the left use, anything placed in front of justice is not justice. Justice doesn’t need adjectives, it stands alone as right or wrong.), where’s your condemnation about what China is doing? Let’s be clear, they are sterilizing women’s reproductive organs and killing others. Biden, you are nothing more then an empty vessel, worst then that, your destroying our country.

  24. Thumb down for the usurper in thief.

  25. fauci is the appointed family doctor of the old senile clown in the WH

  26. You guys are sad losers it’s time to move on

  27. why wasn't this a story when trump had fond memories of Xi Jinping? Oh bc FOX news is trash too

  28. Biden had to bring up the one thing good Americans HATE, CHINA.

  29. Was that or before he made a movie like hunters, to record on their laptops,
    so Xi Jinping could cash in on QUID QUO PRO and get xtra good trades????

  30. Sounds like a let’s take over America together response. God help our souls

  31. No inspiration in this man at all

  32. Go live there
    or better yet
    go live in Ukraine

  33. We ALL still know!!! We are ALL Q now!! MSM no longer is believed. Spell is broken. Humanity set free.

  34. Fox you're too far left for me to subscribe move right and we'll think about it

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