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Lou Dobbs reacts to judge formally dismissing Flynn case after Trump pardon

‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ host weighs in on Judge Emmet Sullivan formally dismissing Michael Flynn’s case after President Trump pardoned the former national security adviser. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Flynn is a treasonous piece of garbage. Tick tock. Tick tock.

  2. CATCH 22 TIME




  3. The problem with judge Sullivan is, that he is not only crazy, but crazy and stupid!

  4. pardons are for criminal s

  5. Dobbs and Flynn are just stupid. Flynn is not even close to a great American

  6. Trump was fooled and duped into putting 3 secret Democrats on the supreme court 😝😝😝
    They saw trump coming from miles away.
    He's now officially a one term president. He made history of being the only president to lose 59 cases, and lost the same election more than once.
    MAGA is now irrelevant!
    We will now watch you cry babies patrol the streets in vien. 😝😝
    Kamala HARRIS will be the next President of the United states soon.
    Just watch. 😝😝😝
    It's time to have a REAL president back into the white house. Not a grown 4 year old temper tantrum idiotic clown.
    Don't be a bunch of whinny little B's 😝😝
    I can't stop laughing!
    Now the other two fake Republicans trying to win Georgia Senate race. Lol.
    They both are glad that trump lost and they can't wait till January 20th so he can't pressure them lol.

  7. It’s time to weed out these democratic CCP members. From the politicians on down. Throw them in prison. Gitmo awaits

  8. Dear Dobb's, your reality is not stable or helpful, even if its your opinion. Please take a holiday.

  9. Of course he is not innocent! He got the pardon because he is Mr Trump ‘s friend! The disgrace is here!

  10. Dobbs, flynn is guilty. Being a decorated general doesn't make him immune to doing wrong. He LIED under oath so stop the nonsense.

  11. Refers to Sidney Powell!! That’s like asking Gary Busey his opinion!

  12. The only embarrassment is trump anf his gang of crooks

  13. Lou Dobbs singing the praises of a traitor. A man in trusted with the safety of his fellow people. And he uses the opportunity to line his pockets.

  14. Lou Dobbs, why can't anyone find a history of your mother, Lydia Mae (née Hensley), being born in America? Could it be because she was an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT! But isn't that what you are against, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?

  15. Everyone knows Flynn is Innocent and that judge Sullivan is full of CORRUPTION, like the oslaslamic administration. Whom does that judge really work for. He should be off the bench,!!!

  16. Less-educated people (Fox viewers) are especially willing to abandon democratic principles in specific cases; on average, 58% of those with low education but only 36% of those with high education expressed antidemocratic views. The frailty of public commitment to democratic norms is now common place in Republican circles.

  17. lou dobbs: the ugliest human on tv… if at least he were a little smart…

  18. Come to Lou Dobbs to hear lies. Flynn is criminal just like the rest of trump's team.

  19. What happened to Lou? He said he would show evidence from Sidney Powell in his show and all of a sudden he went on vacation. Sounds like something is amiss.

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