Thursday , January 28 2021
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Lou Dobbs reacts to Wisconsin county's latest recount decision

Lou Dobbs weighs in on Wisconsin recount and how Stacey Abram’s past comments help validate President Trump. #FoxBusiness

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  1. RECOUNT is not enough check the signature validity of MAIL IN BALLOTS ABSENTEE BALLOTS and lots of fake ballots if recount only TRUMP will loose this election

  2. Thank you for reporting Fox Fake news… not many people believe FOX FAKE NOW.

  3. No wonder Joe says he's proud of his son he is a crook just like dad

  4. Mr.lou Dobbs his a Man full of integrity a true Patriot and I enjoy to lessen to him very much! God bless.

  5. Hell no it's been a month and 10 days the whole nation of thieves that we there the first time they counted are the same one that destroyed ballots before recount. Anyone could figure this out that's why you must have a totally new election take place again and in June nice weather.

  6. How fringin stupid are these people don't you know they shredded most of the trump ballots by now. Must have a nation wide re vote

  7. Well as illegal as this vote was I don't think i ever want to vote again it's disgusting how criminal the vile dem party is ughhhhh sick sick sick!

  8. They're just counting the ones that they stole over and over

  9. No wonder Americans are Broke

  10. Wesconsin? Does not seem to trouble themselves whether a person ask for a ballot or not..

  11. Losers. Crawl back into your bunkers.

  12. It's funny how all the votes come in, in each state last that are all for Biden. That takes Trump's lead away.

  13. Make the democrates pay for it they screwed the pouch let them pay for it

  14. You can't tell me the crowds that trump had and biden could not fill a classroom get real the people want trump

  15. The evidence is there, why won't SCOTUS RULE, why can't they check the Dominion machine, Abrams never conceded.

  16. Let's send the message "Dont oppress the liberty of speech to Utube." Utube is a tool of communists.

  17. And make sure their watched!

  18. USA for Biden out of order Public not aacept fraud scam iligal garbej Criminal currupted

  19. What their dealing with is ignorance, STUPIDITY and dishonesty!

  20. A RECOUNT???? Needs to be a re- VOTE! Counting the SAME deck of cards DOESN'T help!

  21. If your state hasn't joined Texas in suing for voter equity then contact your state's senators, representatives, legislators, AG and governor and ask them to do so immediately. V

  22. We need a standalone Election for President.
    During Clinton's re-election, military shipping containers were found
    in Bremerhaven Germany full of military ballots
    months after the election, I know MY vote did not count.

  23. A fool convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. Deal with it losers!

  24. wi,are cheat and we all know it ,the lawmakers are for dems so dirty just like chicago

  25. We need Trump supporters in Georgia to be the patriots we know they are and BOYCOTT the Runoffs. Expose the fraud by shining a light on corruption and when the Perdue and Loeffler lose, this will pressure the election officials to help our beloved President Trump and they will find the courage to expose the fraud as we take this all the way to the Supreme Court!

  26. Ohhhh, counting to be done in Chicago, the most corrupt city in America…BRILLIANT, Einsteins! Eat $#]+ and DIE, YOU SOBs.

  27. I would gladly pay$3 a Forensic Audit

  28. Woah what's up with this, ratings in the crapper

  29. THE BURST PIPE!? The Burst pipe!? A false reason, a falsely cited & given reason made initially by the Georgia Election Authorities & the Voting Center, which has since proven to be an outright lie & a legal offence!! Why is this mendacity not being focused on by Trump’s Lawyers, & Sidney Powell as well? This was an illegal action that directly VIolated Georgia State Election Law & thus by implication US Constitutional Law as well! The counting was illegally stopped for a false reason (An untrue/unverifiable burst pipe occurring & blocking the vote-counting operation?!), when apparently, later, unauthorized vote counting took place & was video-photographed as evidence, & also included illicit quantities of dubious & unaccounted for ballots were afterwards, insidiously added into the State Election Vote-Totals overnight (in the early hours of Nov/04/2020) at the main Georgia Counting Center in Atlanta by 4 unsupervised & unauthorized vote counters! This is a felony under US Federal Law & is completely verifiable & provable in a court of law as such!! WHY IS NO ONE ON TRUMP’S TEAM, OR THE MEDIA MENTIONING OR EMPHASIZING THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS “MYTHICAL BURST PIPE” TO POTENTIALLY PROVING THE PRESIDENT’S CASE, AS THE ‘SMOKING GUN’ HERE??!! THIS IS PERPLEXING & TROUBLING !! THIS IS THE ACTUAL CRIME BUT THE MEDIA ISN’T FOCUSING ON THIS SALIENT FACT & IF THEY DON’T ZERO IN ON THIS THEN IT WILL LIKELY LET THE GUILTY OFF THE HOOK!! THIS POINT OF LAW NEEDS TO BE CLEARLY & CONSTANTLY HAMMERED HOME BY ALL THE PRESIDENT’S SUPPORTERS!! THIS MATTER BY ITSELF COULD EVENTUALLY WIN GEORGIA & PERHAPS THE PRESIDENCY AGAIN TOO FOR DONALD TRUMP, IF IT IS SUBSEQUENTLY JUDGED AS SUCH BY THE SCOTUS!! WHERE IS THE FBI & THE DOJ HERE?!!🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸👍🍀


  31. Well it would be easier for people to understand government! If they taught it in schools! But with the Obama's common core that don't happen anymore! His policy was to dummy down the kids! They also don't teach cursive writing! Me and mine teach it all. You can never get as smart as you can! Till you are stopped being taught and mine and theirs are still being taught always!

  32. I remember Lou from when he was in Australia always fair in telling the truth to the people it is just horrible what the American People are going through with the rigged elections its unconditional and wittness risking their lives and their family lives for truth and for a fair election not just for one side or another but for both for the right to vote and future votes legal votes one person one vote not one vote counted processed half a dozen times people should be allowed to be heard by legislative committees and fair go in court so far courts havent been fair wittness risked their lives and their children and family lives to be heard knowing if they did lie they know that a jail term would be waiting for them at end as some democrats in office say state they lie WOULD ANYONE RISK OF A JAIL TERM NOT ABLE TO SEE CHILDREN FAMILY AND FRIENDS EXCEPT THROUGH PRISON BARS THINK NOT HOW IS IT THAT THE INOCCENT HAVE TO PAY AND GUILTY GET OFF SCOT FREE NOT JUST SAYING THAT FOR IN AMERICA BUT ANY COUNTRY

  33. Join Project OVERWHELM. Write letters to DOJ and SCOTUS asking for an emergency stay and investigation now. Manufactured votes cannot cancel legitimate votes. Write today, 73 million letters won't be ignored. Silent no more.

  34. God works in mysterious ways. All patriots to pray For Trump to win. Exposed fraud and cheating by Electors and Democrats. Continue to pray the Rosary to win the 2020 election. Have faith and believe.

  35. How to use Dominion Voting System (DVS) to cheat in the mail-in ballot process? Dominion Democracy Suite Management System product is a tool used by many US democrat run counties from a design template, scan, map the choice to the software counting, reporting, test, and audit. The state controls the voting process. Each state has a different template. how it maps to the software? Few people know. As the form template and software loaded into ImageCast® X machine which is configured as a ballot marking device, it can print out a big volume of marked ballots. These marked ballots can be put into state fake envelopes having fake or expired vote information. These fake mail-in ballots will be dropped at the post office on the same day or few days before the election date. For example in Pennsylvania >600k mail-in ballot came in after 8pm. The envelope and the ballot were separated without validation or poll watcher. These fake ballots can be mixed into the real ones and fed into a central tabulator.
    The real ballot must have HAND marked (not perfect circles) choices while the fake ones should have all perfect circles produced by the ballot marking devices.
    In the hand recount process officials should look into the mail-in ballot batch storage bin and look for the ballots with the perfect circles – these ballots are the fake ones.

  36. How many times will call for a recount a dozen times or until he find a way to screw the Biden president. Who is paying for the recount the people's.

  37. I sure hope that their are a lot of people that go to jail over this> The amount of money it is costing the Taxpayers sure makes it expensive for Al Americans> This is another democrat transgression that is costing Americans!!!

  38. Must have oversize on ballots to rule legal or not then count all legal ballots

  39. USA"s Votingsystem is a totally useless System. It's made-upp for Cheating and Corruption.

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