Wednesday , June 23 2021
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Lou Dobbs torches Biden's immigration plan

Lou Dobbs weighs in on President Biden’s idea to increase immigration at the border. #FoxBusiness #Dobbs

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  1. Enjoy Biden for the next four (4) years and most of all his “New Green Steal.” You have nothing to loose except everything you own. Give it “ALL” to the illegals who deserve what you work hard for.

  2. True PATRIOT 👊🇺🇸 thx Lou

  3. Guess its no different than Trump employing and housing over 200 illegals .

  4. Hey Lou Dobbs, aren't you the genius who said that the cancer called Trump was the best thing that's happened to the Republican party in four cycles?
    Do you mean 30, 000 plus lies, that Covid-19 will disappear, that Mexico will pay for the wall, Russian collusion, inciting a riot on the Capitol and totally bastardizing the office of the US president?
    Do you mean, that guy?
    On which planet of which universe is that remotely true?
    I want smoke what you're smoking!
    You need to pull your head out of that dark smelly place and get with the program or better yet…RETIRE and give the world a break!

  5. Lou Dobbs sounds like a Q-anon.

  6. If you must have a negative Covid test to fly into the USA, then will all persons coming across the border be required the same?

  7. Good job President Biden! Actually creating a pathway to legal Immigration! Over 85 million people elected him so that he can put this country back together. Eat your heart outs fake news mox "news".

  8. Biden is absolute dumbest pos in DC

  9. Yet he built a wall in DC to protect himself.

  10. Remember when trump told Nancy if they want the illegal immigrants that he will send them to California and she immediately backed off realizing he was probably serious

  11. A group of Guatemalan migrants found massacred today at the US Mexico border. Congratulations Biden and Harris. Let's hear again how terrible holding people in cages is again.

  12. You guys are complaining about Biden reversing discrimination policies. No wonder people think your bigots and white supremacists with no future in an America that by 2045 will be minority white. Grow up and join the human race were in this together.


  14. Increase settlement capacity -oh gee does that mean adding more tents to our tent cities? Or is he going to throw citizens out of their homes to find nice fully furnished residences for these swell new folks? Shades of what was happening to old people in Britain before they left the EU.

  15. If Biden takes down the wall it should be re-installed around him

  16. He just talk about illegal immigrants and the legal immigrants nothing is still freezing until 31 of March??????

  17. Yes mr Biden and you are bringing people over boarders without masks and with covid. You are totally insane

  18. Majority vote for Trump They stole election. Biden is not legit President

  19. Texas should put the immigrants on one of the flights to Washington DC,,it might wake them up

  20. Delaware is now offering free housing and guaranteed jobs for immigrants

  21. I'm having a really bad Jimmy Carter flashback. I hope Biden's German Shepard's find a better forever home.

  22. Feel sorry for the people that voted for Biden. They just help ruin this country!

  23. Lou Dobbs Dominion is coming I suggest you start asking these trumpsuckers for Donations

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