Lululemon workers say they were fired for breaking policy after calling police on robbery

Two Lululemon workers spoke out after witnessing a robbery at their store, calling the police and then being fired. “We didn’t really feel very protected or know what else to do,” said one of the former employees.

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  1. The day I see this demographic stealing from a Barnes and Noble, will be a day that will live in infamy.


  3. So you can rip off every store? Lulu has got to be kidding. It’s a sale!!

  4. So now i know I don't have to pay for Lululemon anymore. I can go steal it from the store and they are not supposed to call the cops on me or try to stop me. GOT IT!

  5. Black thieves? No wayy 😂

  6. Those thieves know the store policy and exploit it 😢it is epidemic

  7. Though it makes sense to tell employees not to intervene DURING the robbery, it makes zero sense to me that this business (and apparently other retailers) FORBID ANY reporting of thefts to police once the report can be made safely. How are thieves going to be stopped if they're not reported? How will future thefts be deterred if no sentences are served? I don't understand why any one-time reporting of an actual crime that was witnessed should be considered "bothering" the police.
    I encountered this attitude in Portland, Oregon once when I called to report that my car window had been smashed and vehicle contents stolen, only to have the dispatcher actually raise her voice while reprimanding me for daring to suggest that an officer should be bothered by something so petty. She said she'd send me a form to fill out
    (… none arrived).
    I felt angrier about her response than about the crime itself, because I expect criminals to commit crimes, but was blown away by the response I got from the entity my taxes help support to "serve and protect" me!
    It also filled my drive to work with questions about why I bother working at all, since theft, for all practical purposes, apparently goes unpunished there. Ridiculous!!!
    Unless citizens vote to reprioritize laws & redistribute enforcement, then understaffing SHOULD be conspicuously evident to all voters
    being covered up through what's essentially a hidden agreement between retailers like LuLu Lemon and the police departments they've forbidden their employees to report crimes too.
    Isn't aiding and abetting criminals a crime in itself? Therefore, how is it legal to prevent employees who witness a crime from wanting to avoid aiding and abetting the criminals they witnessed?
    I thought that basic civil rights couldn't be signed away (Ex.: Exclusion clauses limiting where one can open a competing business after quitting are unenforceable, as are NDAs in many cases, Etc.).
    I hope we'll see more follow up on this, in greater detail … including input from expert legal consultants (& hopefully these employees' law suit against this employer!).

  8. Better losing your job than your life if they are armed.

  9. It’s like saying “it’s okay! Come rob us”

  10. They have a relationship with law enforcement, another way corporate says we're passing the loss onto customers!

  11. There was a robbery at the Lululemon store in Peachtree City, Ga. At the Avenue which is in Fayette Co. The location they are showing for this robbery is not the Avenue in Peachtree City.

  12. This is insane. If police departments would stop buying tanks and weapons of war, perhaps they could hire more pigs. This is all just insane.

  13. Ladies retail is a thankless job. It's BS that they fired you but you know what, customer service looks great on a resume. So collect unemployment that's what it's for try to find a job that doesn't involve retail if you don't want to deal with this kind of thing. Move on be grateful that they weren't violent and you got through the incident unharmed. Do use Employment Agency resources they are there for you whether you have a job or not you are always welcome to go in and use their services you will have access to job opportunities that you never knew existed.❤

  14. Sue the company, collect tons of $ for grievance and unemployment and make them close the location.
    Maybe that will help the company wake up.

  15. America 666 world country

  16. This just mean we all are now encouraged to do robbery at Lululemon stores since nothing will happen as punitory actions