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Lyon, Starc to play huge role on day five: Wade

Matthew Wade discusses the day-five wicket and the expectations of the Aussie bowlers (including a possible Labuschagne cameo) as they look to retain the Ashes


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  1. Who don't believes that cricket is invented by 👽 aliens comment below . If not like

  2. Steve Smith was a leg spinner at 22, there’s still hope for me yet…

  3. But I want win england.y?they play in home ground

  4. Wade is the successor of tim paine, definitely no doubt..

  5. That transition from reporter to wade is just plain rude

  6. I know this reporter
    Sam ferris- will u continue to play on after this tournament( 2016 t20 world cup)
    Dhoni- come here lets have some fun come here." Do u want me to retire"
    Sam ferris- i was just asking
    Same reporter who asked ms on his retirement on 2016😂

  7. What will usman khawaja play 5th test

  8. Steven Smith you are the rockstar blockbuster search me I want to meet you are a legend legend

  9. Isnt anyone going to mention how short the reporter made wade look…

  10. Why does this interviewer look like a penis ?

  11. I know this reporter he is the one whom Ms dhoni made fun of.. 😂

  12. Plz some one stop starc he will removed all the stump at the end of the day 5

  13. I am very observant but still is the anchor standing on some ladder or what???
    Watch this interview seemed like watching Gulliver's Travels…

  14. He is the reporter who asked to MS Dhoni when will you retire.

  15. Cricket Australia – Lyon, Starc will be dangerous today.
    England Cricket – Our Ben Stokes is joke for you

  16. No doubt but Lyon will be more effective.

  17. who is the best
    virat kohli like
    steve Smith comments

  18. Best bowler in the world jasprit bumrah…..Nd batsman Virat kohli
    Who like both….😘😍

  19. कया आपको पता है।
    की मैं पहला व्यू , लाइक,कॉमेंट,शेयर।
    करा हूं।

  20. 1st like and 1st comment im lucky 😂

  21. Who is best bowler
    Stac like 👍
    Bumrah comment 💬💪

  22. We want to see Starc destroying the stumps.

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