Macron’s proposed pension changes disrupted by rowdy French lawmakers

Members of France’s National Assembly broke parliamentary rules by waving placards, booing the prime minister and singing the Marseillaise, protesting President Macron’s plan to push through an unpopular increase in the retirement age without a vote.

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  1. Macron needs to be forced out of office!

  2. The ne'er-do-well outside freeloaders have to be paid for. If not by those that work – by whom?

  3. I like that people in France active to protest and fight! ❣️


  5. Democracy in action…Macron is a puppet of foreign interests, just like most of the liberal "elites".

  6. Get the guilloutines out of storage.

  7. #Bitcoin fixes this that’s why they hate it

  8. There are those that say that the citizens of France should not surrender to this change of the pension laws. However the other side of the story is that the cost to the state and thus the tax-payer of maintaining the current pension regulations is growing at a time when interest rates are increasing in the Eurozone.

    French debt is increasing again and is heading towards 120pc of GDP. If the government does not act to reduce the costs of the pensions schemes there is a risk to the finances of the French state.

  9. In the EU the opinions of the electorate tend to be of secondary importance when they conflict with the goals of either the state or the EU.

  10. Во как воодушевились! Очень трогательно прозвучал гимн в их исполнении. Так шо, законы не сильно можно исполнять ?

  11. France is about to go through a 5 revolution 😅

  12. How dare you keep the French worker be productive! It is our right to strike and protest having to contribute to our society! Hrumph!

  13. Macron governs against the people and against parliament. In two months, he used article 49.3 15 times, which allows a law to be passed without a vote. The conditions are met for a second revolution to occur. This grey-haired woman will end up with her head on the end of a pike.

  14. Push ❤❤❤ for support

  15. Le jour de gloire est arrivé

  16. You may not be able get the full amount of the pension because the economic crisis can happen anytime now, they need the fund to support the economy and banking sys, a lot of country now also extend this policy due to lack of fund. Don't sell your life and get nothing at the end.

  17. The pb is Macron prefers to fund the debt by cuting french workers pensions and making them work longer when he refuses to tax the rich by suppressing the tax on fortune. He protects the rich. And this new law that is the source of the issue was supposed to be voted by the assembly but he used an amendment that allows the law to be adopted without being voted, bcse he knew that a minority in the assembly (and in the country) is backing him UP. His ruling is becoming more and more authoritarian. He doesn't listen to the people, nor to the assembly or the senate, just like Louis XVI before the french people cut his head.

  18. And they say Russia is not democracy

  19. who are the people singing and what do the signs say?

  20. People power is not government tyranny

  21. Robespierre bring me the Guillotine!

  22. French people know what democracy is. Macron is not wrong the pension will run dry, but who should pay for this? Why treating people like ATM?

  23. A lesson in democracy

  24. Rowdy french lawmakers? Your headline is trying to sell this move by their government as something good and discrediting the lawmakers. Its a complete stomp on democracy, and watching an American media agency, try to demonize lawmakers protesting the head of state going over representatives to FORCE their population to work more hours?
    The french representatives are also singing the french national anthem because their anthem is a CALL TO ARMS.

  25. Poor frogs work 3 days a week

  26. this is not a democracy , but a liberal dictatorship

  27. of course France should raise the age, especially for its special retirement plans.. the burden on the youth must be tremendous.

  28. The Fat Cats get all the money and the little people they can eat cake

  29. Great. I certainly didn't need subtitles or an explanation to understand what they were saying during a full revolution, anyways

  30. Macron is now a dictator. He rules w/o the parliament and against the people.

  31. Good, hope they can stop it if the workers don’t want it

  32. I love this!! Rebel against the idiots in the government!

  33. War against the globalists

  34. So, France shows the US what Should be done, when they take our Social Security payments out of our pay, and THEN tell us "it'll be "X MORE" Years BEFORE you can have it Back…
    This is what has been done in America since I was a teenager, Except… we (the U.S. Taxpayers) just Accepted it…

  35. Our US lawmakers are trying to raise our retirement age to 70! 😡

  36. Wish my fellow countrymen and women showed just as much care and bravery. No more money for WAR and treating the rest of us as peasents! WAR is a RACKET!

  37. macron is globalist garbage, get him out