Thursday , April 9 2020
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Macy’s set to close nearly 30 stores across the country

FOX Business’ Susan Li on Macy’s plan to close stores and the future of the company.

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  1. Good less women shopping🤣

  2. Macys is a victim of the internet age. Shopping isnt what it used to be, and never will be again. The glamour Macys once portrayed is no longer worth the cost, and they are going away, like Kmart and Sears. They have too much overhead and rich blood to compete with online pricing. Done.

  3. I do not know where I will shop if this is true!!! Curious. Could this be deliberate sabotage of the American economy? Think.

  4. No more Chinese cheap over price crap any more… American made all the way

  5. Have only been to Macy's two times. Over priced garbage.


  7. I believe there’s too many stores and malls and everything else

  8. I am apathetic as to whether you understand my comment or not. Bottom line, you are not me.

  9. Wow trumps economy is booming?? Lmao

  10. I know why they would want to close the seattle store, as the only job growth is in hiring people to clean up the urine that surrounded the Macy's store in downtown seattle.

  11. maybe try harder to have a men's department larger than the women's bra section

  12. Trump's economy is going great..
    Giving all the tax brakes to the industry monopolist is really working out for you and me..

    America's one of the last few countries where politicians are allowed to accept bribes this is what lobbyist do

  13. Can't wait for real estate crash hoping for one asap

  14. Macy's with that big red commie star. Ha, ha, ha.

  15. Guess they could not sell enough Nike

    Pro Hijabs

  16. Macy's is still pretty good.

  17. YAWWWN… who cares about these huge (way overpriced) department stores!!!

  18. Oh no, where will all the elderly people get their daily exercise in now if not at the mall Macy’s?

  19. I love our Walla Walla Wa. store. This is as American as it gets. Can I have Amazon deliver a brick and mortar, be there, touch it, SENSE it experience like this. I thought not.

  20. Can't get any customer service at Macy's.

  21. This will make over 10,000 stores close since 2019. Trump MAGA

  22. The saleswomen at the jewelry department that I became friendly with for several years looked sad one day I asked “what’s going on “. These girls worked many years with benefits & now they were losing their jobs-medical etc with no compensation. They embarrassingly had to TRAIN a SUBCONTRACTOR’S STAFF that was taking over Macy’s Jewelry dept. once trained my friends were Let Go. That & taking Trumps ties out was the End All for me & many others.

  23. LIBERAL DEMOCRATS & Millennials ARE LOSING 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Great news! Shove your comnie red star!

  25. I have a Macy's credit card that had a $500 credit limit but because I haven't used it, they knocked my limit down to $100. Needless to say, this credit card is history and I won't shop there ever again (Not that I shopped there anyway).

  26. I stopped shopping a long time ago don't need it done one wanted

  27. So many people are happy about an American company shutting down and American workers losing jobs. Is this how we make America great again?

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