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'Mad Mike' Hughes killed in homemade rocket crash | USA TODAY

Homemade rocket-builder ‘Mad Mike’ Hughes killed in launch attempt crash for science show

The 64-year-old died in his homemade steam-powered rocket. The stunt was being filmed for a new TV series for the Science Channel called “Homemade Astronauts.”

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  1. Sad. And this is NOT a joking matter. There is something fundamentally wrong about our science and math education and gravity is at the heart of it. What is the path that gravity traces? Down you might say. But let's be more precise shall we to include the tiny scales we can't see… 935-QKK, the Holy Grail Spiral of Life – a big name for a bold idea, Pass it on.

  2. This brave man died on the dumbest hill possible but I still respect him for trying.

  3. "The Earth is Flaaaaaa… Thud

  4. How do "WE" know that he was really inside.???

  5. Guess you can say he went out with a “Bang”

    I know I’m sorry R.I.P Mad Mike

  6. Was the Earth flat enough? hahahahaha

  7. this guy is great ! so what if if he died. he was living the life he wanted.

  8. Well, he learned about gravity.

  9. not much to say when these people believe gravity is not a thing. irony is that it killed him

  10. I dont know man but why no one stopped him ? Was everybody there crazy as him ?

  11. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Stupid way to die.

  12. Sad news, but… why didn't he fly using a balloon?

  13. Flat earth and Rocket don't rhyme. RIP.

  14. can`t say i am not sorry , one more child abuser not abusing children any more , cant be sorry for that , will not be remorseful for some who believes the earth is flat.

  15. Dude I was watching this guy on tosh.o yesterday wtf

  16. You can fly a drone higher than that thing went, what a waste of a life.

  17. He will be a stronger contender for the Darwin Awards 2020!

  18. Imagine seeing this from his dash cam in the rocket

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