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Madoff whistleblower claims GE is a bigger fraud than Enron

Whistleblower Harry Markopolos alleges that General Electric has hidden its problems through fraudulent financial filings with regulators.

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  1. GE has gone decades without paying the U.S. taxes while paying taxes in foreign countries. GE has not been loyal to the U.S. let’s return the sentiment.

  2. This will hurt the stock market..but the left will blame Trump.

  3. GE deserves a payback for all the destruction they laid down upon the workers is over the years under Jack Welch. 🤐

  4. Well, Must have missing funds from funneling money to O

  5. If a company can show fake profits, like Walt Disney and GE and other companies even prior to 2001, then can we trust the mutual funds really have all that money that they say they do? You know they take their fee's.. Plus, they are in competition with each other as to who gets your contribution.. So, I just wonder! If people wanted to pull out, we know there is not enough money to go around.. BUT WHAT IF, they actually had less money in the fund that they claim they have! WOW! Talk about a scam!!

  6. So glad I didn't buy this stock recently. They gutted the business by selling it all off! Stupid!

  7. ALL of the power companies. Water company, sewer, cable, internet, cell and land line, pharmacy, hospitals, ambulance, fuel companies. ALL of these evil businesses are all about their shareholders NOT for the people Never have been. INSURANCE companies Huge… Car dealers the greedy list of thief's is long. my opinion NEWS MEDIA's criminal

  8. The Democrat s favorite company .

  9. Ge has been working with Iran for decades

  10. USA is full of fraud too big to fail. And no one goes to prison for it. Is that American justice ? Bailing out the rich and jailing the poor ?

  11. Correction he wasn’t looking into GE for a hedge fund he did the work first. Didn’t receive any money from them. Funded the 7 months of research himself with his team.

  12. GE – To big to fail ! – – – America is waiting for more on Epstein, BE QUICK ABOUT IT !

  13. GE stock was 55.00 in 2011 why are you just now reporting the stock collapse?

  14. We can't trust traditional record keeping anymore, we need to move to open source blockchains. This is why the big auditing firms are looking at Ethereum.

  15. All the documents are true and they want to crash the market. This is the huge plan to crash the US market so Trump looks bad…

  16. BREAK OPEN THE BOOKS. I’m sure that Clinton’s and LEFTISTS are at the ROOT🌳🐀🐀🐀

  17. I can not understand why a great American company should be affected by the raving of Piramiders. Our American backbone should resist such nonsense. What do you really think? Get rid of these so call spectators; titled "head funds " They never really payoff in reality. Look around the world, they appear on the scene to help the Euro, but it ends up like Spain and others destroyed nations.

  18. This isn't even a news business channel

  19. Of all the videos I've seen about this, or course Fox had to be the loudest lol

  20. Let’s ask Barack about this, and his GM motives.

  21. Crooked sold out to evil China.

  22. A lot of big firms are frauds. Is the nra paying FOX to distract us or something.

  23. General Electric said their plan was to get smaller around 13.00 so maybe its insider trading

  24. Basically, CEOs and the like are grabbing and running now, . . . Why?

  25. Haha, ge is going down, and will sell out to, WHO?!

  26. Track GE to Billionaire Warren Buffet's portfolio! Years ago I was ripped off by his housing and financing companies, and to finish the deal, the custom home had all GE appliances that had issues NEW. Will the victims he stiffed ever see justice? Likely not, given this country has laws for "them" and laws for "us"!!!!

  27. wake and rise all these corporations are useing federal reserve money. all there bottom lines are false. whats the term. false profit s

  28. At least it gives I.R.S. To examine their taxes.

  29. Fox, we can see Christina is pretty, but you might want to hire a news reader who can actually read.

  30. The only reason stock would drop that low and fast was if the story had some legitimacy behind it. Keep digging Fox! GE is hiding something and it may explain why prices have been going up on every product they sell and own. It rebounded fairly quick as well which only means hush money was involved so don't hush instead keep barking.

  31. America has to go down, so isreal can come up. and you know it.. but see you in church tomorrow

  32. isreali attack, we traffic your blond blue eyes daughters, to make isreal great again.. thank you white christian Americans..shalom love from yours JE

  33. Who cares.. these rich peoples problems. Hell, my car note due.

  34. Ucon Jack. Where did you go..??

  35. Finally G.E.gets nervous "Why"??

  36. GE spoke person. Right ……. they are full of it. It would nice to see the estate of Jack Welsh taken to the rafters.

  37. Well they make it the buyers day.

  38. If you've just found out that GE doesn't pay anything in taxes…wait until you see the rest of the defense industry lol

  39. I mean it's not as if any of the top CEOs family members worked in Obama's White House right……

  40. WOW I guess I'm not going to try and get a job there.

  41. Ya don't say! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  42. The best investment for your descendants:The 1983 Columbia University Yearbook.If you can ever get one,pay any price.When Obama is exposed a century or two hence,the price for that book will make the prices paid for George Washington's letters resemble penny stocks.

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