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Major airlines issuing travel warnings before Dorian hits Florida

Officials want to avoid some of the traffic nightmares experienced in the lead up to Hurricane Irma.


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  1. 0:15 did he just say fortnite?! 😮

  2. Thank you ABC news be safe Abc and everyone in Florida

  3. i hope Mara Margo is destroyed.

  4. Here's what i hate traveling by planes

  5. I share If Trump claims FEMA money for Mar-a-Lago I'm gonna be so done…

  6. I work labor day. Keep on traveling and allow me to rack in ez money

  7. I live in south florida. Wish me luck

  8. I’m very curious of this storm and am awaiting to see what happens to Florida.

  9. If so much as a DROP hits Mar a Lago you just know Trump is gonna fill his pockets with FEMA money…

  10. That thumbnail is of a kc 130 stratotanker

  11. Title: major airlines
    Thumbnail: military KC135

  12. Just stay home and worship the beast. Have an abortion to sacrifice in the name of USA.

  13. I’m screwed I live in Key West

  14. What a “” Gorgeous “” Reporter

  15. RIP Mar-a-Lago

    Compliments from PR

    It threw Dorian at it like a paper towel roll!
    Frances twin has cometh

  16. Good thing I live a little less than 2hrs away from the beach here in NC

  17. Latest check is that Hurricane Dorian is projected to drop into Florida sometime early Monday Morning as a Level 4 Hurricane (Wind Speed: 144.8 MPH), then lowering way down to Level 1.

  18. You can still 👀 what may be the last ever Rolling Stones show In the 🇺🇸 Friday night in Miami. 🎸

  19. While I understand that hurricane Dorian could possibly be dangerous,
    please do not forget that hurricane CAUCASIAN is way more deadly shooting random places all around America causing massive chaos and "deaths" which is very frequent especially these days.

    Turn your head, left and right.

  20. Board up your windows just in case. Better safe than sorry.

  21. Hunker down as we say here in Florida ! Prepare and be safe ! I live in the bullseye zone, and been through a few. just to find gas or water or ice, can be very challenging !

  22. Labor Day Weekend ruined for many. Prayers for Florida and all of those that are about to get hit. 🙏

  23. Labor day weekend plans ruined for many. My advice , Netflix & Chill.

  24. Truly hoping the hurricane dies down before making landfall

  25. Holy shit, my father is in Miami and he is flying tomorrow at 1am

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