Wednesday , July 28 2021
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Major newspaper executives call for a crackdown on big tech

FOX Business’ ‘Bulls & Bears’ discusses the newspapers vs. Facebook and Google debate.

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  1. Liberal media has got to stop lying

  2. I used to love reading the newspaper in the morning while having my coffee go cold and then I discovered I can read the news online scrolling with one hand while my coffee is in the other hand being consumed hot. LOL

  3. Lie today gone tomorrow count your 💰 now losers

  4. Look, I hate to be Buzz Killington here… buuuut… Going after the ads is irrelevant at best to Americans. We are concerned about how these same metadata mining practices are being shared and utilized for illegal surveillance of American Citizens against our God Given, Constitutional Rights.

  5. SUE Google/Facebook/Twitter  Bankrupt them and split them up!!! They are BIAS against ALL Trump Supporters!

  6. This has nothing to do with not adapting. This is about silencing and hiding search results that these "tech giants" don't deem worthy. It's not a fair playing field…these newspapers are trying to evolve and Google and Facebook stomps on their face with deceitful tactics that should concern any American citizen. After all, they are the gatekeepers.

    And if I am wrong, why would there by over 30 attorney generals unleashed like savage beasts to attack Google on antitrust this month….just saying people can stop using "without evidence" in their stories and blogs.

  7. this big time good news for america! i hope the lazy, do nothing republicans don't just sit on their hands, like the usually do, when it comes to this subject.

  8. cannot take the competition huh

  9. Big tech seems to have more options to seek truth!
    I have freedom for my view on truth!
    MSM is a propaganda machine and mind manipulation.
    I control my thoughts and will forever question what is dictated to me as being sincere, genuine, honest truth👍
    The choice is mine😁

  10. Like the newspapers are fair and nonpartisan. RIGHT!! Most are partisan propaganda liars! Tick Tock for ALL the lying media!

  11. Quality of article's?
    Quality of business? Kind of business.
    Fox journalist's seen very small article's? Where are these going for business?
    Newspaper's falling in many hand's? Digital newspaper comes with HD clarity?

    The bulls & bears aired 4 chicken and one ram talking about quality and kind of business?

    Women are from Venus and very hot because close to the sun. What's the wet bulb temperature inside Venus?

    These messed up a lot is quality and kind of business involbed. The NYC violated labor laws and human health. The media and apprentice were taught about shapes and sizes and tight fittings with deep necks to show the line's and curve's. Wonder these player's could not notice Michelle Obama snake charming pipe?

    None spoke about Facebook and Google. What's wrong with Facebook and Google? They were leaking private pages of human book, dairies and making sales of their data activities and time spent on social media platform's.

    What says the two senior ladies in the group? What says the two middle age ladies in the group?
    Senior ladies can be old granny's.
    Middle age are above 45yrs.


  12. Too bad fake news is crying, ha ha.

  13. What these commentators are completely missing is the real reason that Google and Facebook are putting newspapers out of business. And that is that Google and Facebook are taking all the advertising, because they invade our privacy and track our every move online, so they know what products we're in the market for, so they can offer targeted advertising to the advertisers, which is much more valuable to the advertisers than the general advertising that newspapers offer. So Google and Facebook are monopolizing the advertising revenue and taking the advertising revenue away from the newspapers, and they can't stay in business. Content suffers; there is less content, less diverse content and more advertising and more diverse advertising, monopolized by Google and Facebook.

  14. BIg tech pretend they are not publishers so as to avoid any regulation and they are trying to control the election results for 2020 by censoring any conservative voices that they fear are effective .

  15. Big tech censorship and manipulation pose a larger threat to the US than either Russia or China. Break them up.

  16. This whole segment is a joke.
    They missed the elephant in the room.

  17. LGBT community
    Tulsi gabbard
    YouTube union
    Various independent creators
    Conservative journalist
    FTC 170million for kids
    The list goes on and on and I'm not even going to get into any other country

  18. FB and Google engage in Left Wing censorship because they have leftist views. These guests missed the main point.

  19. I had to laugh when I heard this piece. Fake news newspapers calling for a crackdown on big tech. Who is going to crackdown on the fake, let call it for what it is, out and out lies that the newspapers print.

  20. These folks, who produce no content, passing judgement on those that do. Really sad. Fox fails again.

  21. So outlets like the Washington post, who rarely report about anything outside of attacking trump, whom are losing ratings because of their incompetence and lies, are blaming big tech? Do I have this right? They'd rather blame big tech than their lack of truthful reporting? Wtf?

  22. Co conspiring to bring down America

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