Sunday , November 29 2020
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Major pharmacies pulling popular medication for cancer-causing agents

Fox Business Briefs: Walgreens joins what has now become a pharmacy trifecta in pulling the stop selling the heartburn medicine Zantac and its generic versions from store shelves.

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  1. you tell me that the FDA just now found out that Zantac after all these years and they let it sell over-the-counter without a prescription that it has cancer in it if you people believe the FDA you'll believe anything they knew it had cancer in it don't ever trust the FDA they will let your children die they will put an innocent man in prison because he created a cure for cancer they stole the patent from the man I don't buy this story this proves that they let it go all these years knowing people were getting cancer that way the doctors in the medical field and all the medical associations they're all making money money money money money money money wake up

  2. If they get approved for being safe in the u s they should be made here. If not retested

  3. I pray God change the diseases that medicines of man be total useless. Only prayer be a salvation.

  4. Or sue for getting a tumor

  5. What?! The magical fix-it pills are causing cancer?!

    This is why I smoke weed, and have seen the grow operation.

    Pills create a litany of problems just to fix one thing.

    Eat healthier, get exercise, and stop relying on a cocktail of chemicals to make you feel normal.

  6. What about cans, gum and soda no one even talking about that

  7. Thank you Trump for your leadership which inspires others to do the right thing also against insurmountable odds.

  8. Zantac burns heart.
    Wallgreens walls are green?

  9. Will they quit selling cigarettes?

  10. Got heartburn? Drink water with apple cider vinegar in it, or for quicker results drink a bit of dill pickle juice.

  11. Forever 21 jump the gun years ago, by getting to many big stores too quickly!
    I liked them small!

  12. Agenda 21 Population control. Beware

  13. Zynga is still around. Forever 21? These two things are more troubling then the heart burn cancer stuff!!

  14. Keep it closed, it drained enough of parents wallets and they still went bankrupt, they will again, waste of saving such a company.

  15. Stick with what we know – Tums!

  16. what a joke! do you people know what Barrium, strontium and aluminum DO to us?!!!
    no one cares that is WHAT is in OUR AIR ON PURPOSE!!!! this is pathetic! i despise what passes as NEWS these days!

  17. Bernie will deal with these crooks. Bernie2020

  18. When I get heartburn, I take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and mix with an ounce of cold water and chug it ! It works ! You’d think it would make it worse but it doesn’t.

  19. My dr told me over 10 years ago to not take that stuff !! Glad I don’t !

  20. Over 200 million users..Someone or people are making bank with all that data.

  21. pull thousands more because the pharmas have made drug PUSHERS out of doctors for PROFIT!

  22. I take 1 or 2 teaspoons of vinegar and it works fast.

  23. Whatever, Alka-Seltzer has always worked for me.

  24. Look up Dr Berg to see how to stop heart burn. And it has nothing to do with neutralizing stomach acid. It actually makes the problem worse and you a perpetual customer.

  25. Say what you want, I find that a little Half and Half works better than that Crap. If it's REALLY bad, try a little baking soda in a glass of water.

  26. Omg that’s the one thing that helps my gurd pain

  27. Still on grocery store shelves in Maryland as of this afternoon. No one knew about the issue with zantac!

  28. Sorry. Just because the news says it causes cancer doesn’t mean it’s true. I don’t buy it. Everything boils down to the almighty dollar.

  29. Developer Simon is / was good friend of Epstein!

  30. Thank you for keeping the public informed.

  31. Stop importing drugs from China and we won't have this problem

  32. I've known that its caused kidney and liver damage if taken long term for awhile now. Not sure why it was kept on the shelves this long.

  33. I wonder if prilosec has this same problem.

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