Monday , September 28 2020
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Major winter storm hinders holiday travel on the West Coast

Torrential rain and heavy snow hit parts of California, prompting highway closures and travel delays.


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  1. ABC News Protects and covers up for pedophiles! Epstein!

  2. For you- all the ones: that you have big trucks, all-wheel-drive, four-wheel-drive, 4×4. YOU DON’T OWN THE ROAD, SLOW DOWN, OR YOU WILL SLID OFF THE ROAD, FLIP OVER, OR WRECK FASTER THAN THE OTHERS DRIVING SLOWLY.

  3. So has it worked. Has the impeachment Scandal made you stop thinking about Epstein and all those girls that were sexually abused and sold? Has it made you forget that pretty much all of our government was involved? Has it made you forget that Bill Clinton spent a lot of his time on Epstein's Island and on his plane? Has it made you forget that other people besides prince Andrew were involved? Has it made you forget that someone petitioned the court through their attorney not to release the names because it would hurt their political career? Could that have been Biden? Does anybody care anymore that we are being run by sick pedophiles? How do we get Justice and when do we stand up? When do we hold them to the same justice we are held to at their hands.

  4. Oh that's why I love summer…

  5. This is a joke for Nordic people.

  6. who cares. there's more west coast than california

  7. Legit just got stuck while trying to go to Disneyland yesterday.. Drove 8 hours all the way from NorCal just to be stopped at the front of grapevine…

    We had to camp out at a gas station to rest for a bit and then drive all the way home… Really sucked. 🙁

  8. You know the storm is coming but let’s all get out there and get stranded on the highway! Sounds like a good idea lmao


  10. I was 4 days in California got out just in time from big bear on Wednesday morning 🌨🌨🌨🌨

  11. If only global warming would ever take effect. Why am I always freezing?

  12. I think that experiments with chemtrails gone bad is the reason states like california have flooding, wildfires, heavy snow, droughts.. lol
    ..all in I month !!!

  13. The weather is great in San Francisco.


  15. I Hope ABC will have Social Security works guy on to explain Who gets kicked off Ssi & SSDI JAN 31, 2020, per Trmp Admn NEW RULES on SOCIAL SECURITY /per new article by Forbes online. hundreds of thousands of 50-65 yr olds with ailments & children will now be automatically canceled from their benefits due to new rules! – Public has only a Comment period until Jan 30th! People better wake up & rise up now, cuz IF they get away with cutting the most vulnerable on earned Social Security benefits, they will soon make it harder and disqualify older people who also earned those benefits! It’s fraud against taxpayers earned benefits in my view by this dictatorship -is America better than this? I am starting to wonder.

  16. If that was Colorado it would be nothing because over here it snows more then there and we got the bipolar weather

  17. Move to Arkansas, you’ll get to have a 75degree Christmas in an area that is used to 40 or less degree weather. It wouldn’t have sucked so bad had we had a damn beach or a palm tree.

  18. This just in, California, Oregon, Washington has Ski Resorts and they get Snow every year…

  19. I live on the east coast. We see this every damn year 😂 but its crazy that California is getting snow. Is that even normal?

  20. Major Winters of Band Of Brothers, a hero, may he rest in peace

  21. Omg they got a few inches of snow. So weak.

  22. Imagine if u really gotta take a shit and also run out of gas?

  23. California BMW drivers will STILL sport summer performance tires all year round.


  25. Meanwhile it's 60 degrees in Ohio😲

  26. 😴😴😴😴ZzzzZzzz

  27. Be aware of humans violence earth created. Was. Why , never see and happen before.

  28. When you learn how to drive in ice and snow the last two places you ever want to be is an interstate or highway !!!! if you're not smart enough to keep your dumbass off of them two kinds of roads then your dumbass needs to be on the bus !!!! there's a lot more to operating a motor vehicle then stepping on pedals moving a lever and turning a wheel !!!!!

  29. Snowing on the West Coast before January?? Damn global warming…

  30. West Coast retards panic because,.. Winter.

  31. The BIG STORY will be the Rapture when it happens and a lot of Bible scholars and those who study bible prophecy are sensing it will be soon! Be ready! It won't be pretty being left behind for the 7 year Tribulation at all! Research please!

  32. Bahahaha! California can’t survive 4” of snow! They’ll all be dead within 4 hours from the start of zombie apocalypse.

  33. HOW DARE YOU……
    There is no such thing as snow !!

  34. Awwww poor people dealing with snow..
    Thats California folks for u

  35. Who else tries to x out before George Stephanopoulos begins his ending monologue?😭🤣

  36. When you drive dumb ass plug cars…… Hope they freeze their asses off 🤣✌️

  37. This is some type of snow supposed to be snowing in Chicago right now but it isn't snowing so it's okay but at the same time we feel bad for California

  38. Californians are funny in snow. Car won't move? Step on pedal, spin tires faster. LOL

  39. You should have asked all them what they thought about global warming???

  40. Tejon Pass ( interstate 5 ) and Cajon Pass ( interstate 15 ) are both around 4,000 ft. elevation. A good driver is prepared. Sleeping bags for all in the car. Full tank of gas. Shovel. Ability to monitor weather. Proper clothing. Water. Tire chains. Food. A brain that functions and realizes it’s late December. How many of these motorists were actually prepared for a road trip? Yeah, you may live in Santa Monica but you must drive over a mountain pass to get home.

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