Malls, Museums And Indoor Dining: Can Air Filtration Prevent Coronavirus Spread? | NBC Nightly News

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recommended that all businesses consider implementing air filters after heightened concerns that heating and cooling systems can spread the virus in enclosed spaces. These filters can capture droplets containing coronavirus and prevent further circulation.
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Malls, Museums And Indoor Dining: Can Air Filtration Prevent Coronavirus Spread? | NBC Nightly News


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  1. A combination of air filters, social distancing, masks, self isolation, sanitization, vaccination should keep most of virus and bacteria under control. We all need to work together to create healthy environment.

  2. What do you do with droplets that you collect?

  3. Malls air conditioning systems are famous for spreading Legionnaires disease don't know how there gonna save you from coronavirus.


    When people find out the virus is not real, they are going to lose thier minds. For some it will take FEMA pulling out the gilloutines before they chose to wake up to the truth. People love lies as there is no truth in them. End of this world… nothing new.

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  6. US Covid-19 Deaths have been lowered to the level of deaths caused by accidents. Time to open up Baby!

  7. No prevent but potential

  8. This is all a lie!
    I have checked on it myself. The FUNERAL HOMES are empty! I have a friend who is a nurse, and the the lobby is not overrunning with COVID-19 patients! There are plenty of empty beds! I myself had heard very little emergency emts sirens-if any!


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  9. Hospitals are empty, hardly any ambulances have been driving around,
    people have been diagnosed with it even without being tested for it, and
    people can't put two and two together on this? The threat was never
    from the virus. It was your government who you love so much. They wanted
    to cripple the economy, make people less self sufficient with these
    checks and make you dependent on them. Also those masks don't work and
    aren't even the right type of masks that would help you. Breathing in
    your own air IS very bad and could mess up your brain. Why do you think
    they want you to wear it all the time? Why do you feel like you are
    under house arrest? Why do you think so many are being let go despite
    the virus not being nearly a dangerous? Why do you think so many farmers
    are euthanizing their animals and destroying their crops. To control
    you. You know it.

  10. OMG, the new AC filter system CAUSE LUNG DAMAGE. People better wake up to what's going on here!

  11. Who are these GUTLESS neighbors that won't help the two that stood up to the Rioting Thugs … They saved your houses … be glad the Rioters are stupid because you're too easy . For SHAME America ! handle it !

  12. No movies , malls or planes for me !