Man charged after foiled assassination plot against Sikh separatist

An Indian national was charged in New York with plotting to kill a Sikh separatist, a scheme uncovered earlier this year by a consortium of law enforcement officers working an undercover drug case.

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  1. The USA obviously betrayed India's International interest and dignity!

  2. Under the supposedly peaceful and tolerant India, rights of minorities have been trampled upon in India. RSS cum BJP vigilantes have been breaking into peoples private homes because they were celebrating Xmas and singing Christmas carols . Not to speak of daily killing of Muslims by cow vigilantes and the release from prison of the rapists and killers of a 8 year old Muslim girl. Indians are doing this hidden under the cloak of Gandhi non violence. But the Neo conservatives and zionists who control the western media are biased and selective as their eyes see only one side!! What we can tell them : please continue with your double standards

  3. BJP Hindutva RSS supremacist ideology at work under Modi. Many western media commentators like to parrot – we share same values as India!! 😂😂😂

  4. Most Sikhs living abroad including myself do not want a separate state. Yes, there are some activists but there’s a clear difference between democratic activism and violent terrorism. India should not get free rein to assasinate ordinary citizens just because they are activists or hold certain beliefs. This is vote bank politics that intends to create a false image of every Sikh living abroad as a criminal violent separatist. Not true and shameful. This must stop.

  5. Nothing will happen, india is ally. 😂😂😂😂

  6. Terrible time to be a Sikh in America. You gotta watch your back because someone could shoot you at any moment, and it could either be Darryl Ray the alcoholic Chevy driver who can't tell a Muslim apart from an Indian, a Mexican or a sicilian, or it could be special agent Pajit from the Indian government.

  7. Sikhs want justice Sikhs want freedom glory’s of Khalistan

  8. Now the person who disclosed this matter will be in Target and this news will be fake.

  9. ya once we crack the black money funding of this organization they are pretty much dead -RAW

  10. Separatist? Terrorist responsible for bombings, killings, international crime. Now you're acting as if Pannu is and Niggar are upstanding. Terrorists onninyetpol and internationally wanted. But India is blamed for Cannucks and Cannuckistan glorification of hate, terror, abuse, murders, bombings. That's now protected??? Crima and murder ans bombings are now labeled " separatist" Hate and racsim executed by Pannu are protected and glorified? Criminals are now victims? What level of evil and crime is now celebrated??? Scary slanted reporting complete fact misconstruance!!

  11. They would not easily admit to it but undercover bribed agent is a oops for Modi 😬

  12. These indians have a problem with minorities! They should allow a referendum, instead they torture you for speaking your free will! Making absurd claims and targeting people abroad, how low of them!

  13. Kaloo ladoo you dumb indians! 😂😂😂 Worlds number one failed tatee democracy that is india!

  14. Pathetic media highlighting a terrorist

  15. Religion is waste of a good brain.